Here are 10 sexy romance movies, films that explore the myriad faces of sexual and romantic relationships, charting course through lust, obsession, love and tenderness. These films are filled with longing and passion.

  1. “Sex and Lucia” is a steamy Spanish romance. The film details the titular character’s affair with her lover. “Lucia” is filled with sexiness and romance from start to finish. As the film evolves it becomes increasingly abstract, expressing emotions through sexual encounters and natural forces like the ocean. With A-grade eroticism and lyricism, you can’t go wrong with this one.

  2. “The Unbearable Lightness of Being” is one of the sexiest romance films of all time. Set in Prague during the tumultuous 1960s, the film parallels the political turmoil with the moral and personal consequences born of indulging romance, lust, desire and bohemian notions of open relationships. The film is consistently romantic and sex—watch out for the top hat and the mirror.

  3. Shakespeare in Love” is the very rare romantic comedy that manages to be sexy, romantic and funny. Actually funny. There are a number of charged erotic scenes in the film, in particular the one in which William Shakespeare unwraps his muse and lies with her in her chambers. The romantic heat between Fiennes as Bill and Paltrow as Viola is true and the film is deftly crafted.

  4. “The Notebook” is a very old-fashioned movie that builds sexual tension and desire in a very old-fashioned way: slowly. The deeply passionate lovers at the center of the movie dance around one another for quite some time before ending up together in a rickety old house leaking water. It’s a scene that, like the movie, is romantic, sexy and sweetly innocent.

  5. “Eyes Wide Shut” explores the multifaceted nature of sex and romance. From anonymous, lustful and animalistic orgies to impassioned encounters between and man and his wife and the clinical coldness of a doctor examining a nude patient, Kubrick’s film is sexy, romantic, erotic and, in choice moments, totally bizarre and metaphysical.

  6. “Love Actually” presents a tapestry of love, from filial love to romantic love to sexual love to unbridled lust and back again. It’s a funny picture that is moving without being cloying. A number of the relationships presented on screen are sexy, from the innocent flirting of a writer and his house cleaner to the unfulfilled longing of a man in love with his best friend’s wife.

  7. “The End of the Affair”: if you’re looking for sexy, watch the first half of this film, then turn away. While it takes a turn for the tragic toward the end, the first half of this film burns with romance and passionate sex between the principal lovers. The melancholically romantic setting of post war London adds to the film’s ambiance of romance and sexual desire.

  8. “2046” is a hybrid of science fiction, romance and erotica about a writer in 1960s Hong Kong and his various affairs. The science fiction segment are journeys into the writer’s outlandish stories, though as the film goes on we learn that the stories are directly related to the romantic and sexual relationships he has. It is a sweeping, romantic film that is sexy to its core.

  9. “9 Songs” is intermittently romantic and uncomfortable. The film tracks the dissolution of a relationship between a scientist and a student exclusively through concerts and sex. Even when “9 Songs” isn’t romantic, it’s sexy; the sex scenes aren’t simulated and there’s palpable heat between the leads.

  10. “Wide Sargasso Sea” is a foreboding mixture of colonialism and erotic obsession. Based on the novel of the same title, “Wide Sargasso Sea” takes place in the Caribbean during the 19th century and is a prequel to “Jane Eyre.” A sexy and romantic relationship develops between an English man and native woman that gives way to lustful encounters.