Creating a list of the top 10 sexy crime movies is no easy task. Hollywood is masterful at loading its productions with achingly beautiful actresses, distinguished male leads, and enough sexual tension to stop a bullet. Still, some criminal tales are sexier than others. When you want to see a hot tale of intrigue and suspense, try one of these films:

  1. "Entrapment." Catherine Zeta-Jones sizzles in this cat burglar tale. The chemistry between Jones and Sean Connery is intriguing, but when it comes to watching her stretch and wind her way through a series of laser beam alarms, well, it does not get any sexier than that.

  2. "Swordfish." John Travolta and Hugh Jackman provide some interesting character studies, but Halle Berry's screen presence secures this film's place on our list of ten sexy crime movies.

  3. "Basic Instinct." Detective Michael Douglas clearly sees that suspect Sharon Stone is sultry and seductive, but is she deadly as well? Sharon Stone gives a mesmerizing performance.

  4. "Wild Things." Denise Richards, Neve Campbell, and Matt Dillion are partners in crime and in a twisted kind of love.

  5. "L.A. Confidential." Fascinating and at turns brutal, "L.A. Confidential" explores the dark side of old Hollywood. Kim Basinger is the perfect choice a female lead in any tale of Golden Age glamor.

  6. "Cruel Intentions." Ryan Phillipe, Reese Witherspoon, and Sarah Michelle Gellar lend their considerable talents and good looks to this tale of deception, greed, and lust.

  7. "Bound." Lovers Jennifer Tilly and Gina Gershon face high stakes and sexual tension as they scheme to make off with millions.

  8. "Catwoman." Critics hated this film, and there is no doubt that the script is kooky. Still, this is a list of sexy crime movies, not Oscar-worthy films. Any movie featuring Halle Berry as a vigilante/villain in a leather catsuit has already earned its spot.

  9. "The Italian Job." An excellent caper film featuring an alluring cast, including the indomitable Charlize Theron.

  10. "Sin City." Dark and gritty, this black and white feature is known for two things: it's impressive aesthetic and Jessica Alba seductive bar top dance. The film co-stars Devon Aoki and Alexis Bledel, two actresses who lend extra credibility to the film's "sexy" quotient.