These 10 sad movie moments take dramatic movies and make them devastating. These moments bring tears to the eyes of males and females alike, and make good movies great. These movies survive the test of time with the most heartbreaking moments in film.

“Moulin Rouge”

Christian (Ewan McGregor) travels to Bohemian Paris to become a writer and soon discovers the Moulin Rouge. He falls in love with Satine (Nicole Kidman), the lead dancer but tragedy strikes when illness takes her life, leaving Christian alone in one of cinema’s sad movie moments.

“Love Story”

Ali MacGraw and Ryan O’Neal star as Oliver and Jennifer, two lovers who connect and get married despite the objections of their family. When Oliver’s father disinherits the two, they fight to make ends meet. His father never realizes his loss until Jennifer dies of an illness his money could have helped prevent.

“Old Yeller”

People talk a lot about “Bambi” and how the death of the mother scarred children’s lives for ages. “Old Yeller” trumps that with possibly one of the most sad movie moments in cinema for any child who ever saw it when young Travis is forced to shoot his own dog who developed rabies.

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“Brian’s Song”

One song that tears men up almost more than women is the football drama “Brian’s Song.” The movie, starring James Caan and Billy Dee Williams presents one of the sad movie moments as football player Brian Piccolo dies and his best friend, Gale Sayers speaks on his friends passing.

“Big Fish”

Tim Burton directs this movie about a son who never truly understands his father until his dad is lying on his death bed. The movie features one of the sad movie moments as his son takes his father to his final resting place and sees that all his tall tales were true.

“The Notebook”

Nicholas Sparks adaptations are always tear jerkers and “The Notebook” presents one of the sad movie moments guaranteed to make anyone cry. The movie tells the story of how two people fell in love, a story the elderly man tells his wife every day before she forgets it all over again due to dementia.


This Pixar film features one of the most sad movie moments in all of animation. In practically silence, accompanied only by music, we witness the development of a great marriage from childhood until they grow old together and the loving wife passes away. Then the movie starts, but not before tears fall.

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Russell Crowe plays Maximus in this Roman historical film, a former soldier forced to be a gladiator when an evil son murders the king and takes over the kingdom. When Maximus finally dies, he is able to return to be with his wife and son in the afterlife, one of the sad movie moments.

“Life is Beautiful”

When looking for sad movie moments, there is no need to go further than this Holocaust comedy-drama. A man and his son are captured by the Germans and held in a concentration camp. As the father is led to his death, he pretends it is all a game to protect his son.

“Message in a Bottle”

In the second Nicholas Sparks adaptation on this list, Kevin Costner stars as a boatman who is still mourning the death of his wife. He falls in love again but, during an argument, dies while saving other boaters. The scene where his father, played be Paul Newman, announces his son’s death is one of the sad movie moments.