There are 10 sad movie moments of the 90's that we remember fondly (and with a little teardrop).   While there were many defining movie moments of the 90's, these ten movie moments that caused us to weep openly.  So grab some tissues, turn off the lights and re-live the moments that made us all sob like little babies.

  1. "Jungle Fever" - Gator gets shot.   No one knew who Samuel L Jackson was before this movie but this role as the crack-addicted Gator cemented Jackson as one of the best movie stars of the 90's.  The death of the doomed from the start character Gator tugged at our heart-strings and was the only memorable thing about a not-so-memorable movie.

  2. "Titanic" - Jack goes out to sea.   Alas, poor Jack!  Taking the trip of a lifetime, finally winning the girl, then freezing to death in the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean while Rose begs him not to die.  As the Celine Dion music swells on the soundtrack, we dare you not to cry.  A heart-wrenching scene and one of defining moments of 90's movies.

  3. "The Fisher King" - Parry is assaulted.  Remember when Robin Williams showed real potential as an actor?  Well, you might have to go back to 1991 for this gem of a movie directed by Terry Gilliam.  The psychologically damaged Parry dreams he is attacked by the fictional Red Knight, but is in reality is attacked by two thugs on the street as his cries of anguish and despair cut through the soul of every movie goer.   Come back to this stuff Robin!  We miss you!

  4. "Good Will Hunting" -  It's not your fault.  Who were Matt Damon and Ben Affleck before this movie and why can't they write like this again?  This sad movie moment, again with Robin Williams, is a powerhouse with Robin trying to get through to Sean by telling him "It's not your fault" over and over again while Matt sobs dramatically (and so do we).

  5. "Philadelphia" - The hospital.  Seeing Tom Hanks go from successful lawyer to drying and weak in a hospital bed as he attempts to talk to Denzel Washington reminds the viewers what AIDS patients go through.  And it's Tom Hanks for God's sake!  You don't ever want to see him hurt.

  6. "American History X" - Derek regrets.  "American History X" is a powerful movie and Ed Norton's performance as the Nazi skinhead Derek Vinyard is more than  a little jarring.  His childhood memories collide with the Nazi symbol on his chest as he comes to grips with what he's become.  A definite 'Come to Jesus' moment.  And hey, redemption is always good for a few tears.

  7. "Castaway" - Wilson 'dies'.  Who would have thought a volleyball with a bloody hand print could hold it's own against an Oscar-winning actor?  When Tom Hanks only friend in the world gets lost to the sea, his cries of "Willlsoonnn!" made us all weepy.  The first/best  use of sports equipment as a memorable movie character.     

  8. "Shawshank Redemption" - Brook's suicide.   One of the best Stephen King adaptations ever, this film starred Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins as prisoners and friends brought together through fate.   But it was James Whitmore as an old man who had lived his life in prison, and then was unequipped to handle the real world which really made us bawl buckets.  The scene still haunts today.

  9. "Saving Private Ryan" - Am I a good man?  Tom Hanks was really busy during the 90's, wasn't he?  At the end of one of the greatest war movies every made, Hanks tries to justify his existence after the deaths of others.  War is hell, and he survived.  Not only one of the best sad movie moments of the 90's but of all time.

  10. "Schindler's List" -  The real people.  Just about every minute of "Schindler's List" can turn the most hardened man into a weeping child and justifiably so.  But it's the end when the actors walk to Oskar Schindler's grave with their real-life counterparts that induces the most tears.  It's one of the most effective scenes in movie history.  Powerful and weep-worthy.