Settle in with someone you love and enjoy one of the films on our 10 Romantic Thriller Movies list. Action, adventure, lust and greed--these films have it all. Turning off the lights and watching one of these films is the most fun you can have on a sofa--well, almost.

  1. "Mr. and Mrs. Smith." Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie star as a husband and wife, neither of which knows that the other is a professional assassin. Things heat up when Jolie learns that taking out Pitt is her next assignment.

  2. "Unfaithful." Diane Lane stars in this tale of lust, adultery and jealousy, proving nothing can bring a husband and wife together quite like a little murder.

  3. "Titanic." Forbidden romance between Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio on the eve history's greatest disaster at sea made James Cameron's "Titanic" one of the most successful movies ever, earning it a spot on our list of 10 Romantic Thriller Movies.

  4. "Fatal Attraction." Michael Douglas soon realizes that his extramarital affair with Glenn Close was a serious mistake and tries to break the relationship off. Her reaction is the stuff of movie legend.

  5. "Dead Again." Perhaps the least well known film on our list of 10 Romantic Thriller Movies, this film explores the relationship between detective Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson, the distraught, seemingly mute woman found outside the gates of a local convent. Supernatural happenings soon lead us to understand that their romance has spanned more than one lifetime, and their survival in the present age may require solving a murder that took place before either one was born. 

  6. "Original Sin." Angelina Jolie sets the screen on fire as a con woman who finds herself falling for her latest mark.

  7. "Sea of Love." Al Pacino crosses a dangerous line by getting involved with suspected serial killer Ellen Barkin in this 1989 thriller directed by Harold Becker.

  8. "Disclosure." Tension sparks between Michael Douglas and Demi Moore in this tale of sex, corporate intrigue and revenge.

  9. "Eyes Wide Shut." Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise find themselves in danger after exploring a darkly erotic world existing just outside everyday life.

  10. "Ghost." Patrick Swazye's murder cuts short his romance with Demi Moore--until he learns he can communicate from beyond the grave. Swayze's ghost tries to help her stay out of danger while working to expose his killer.