If you don’t want to watch another predictable love story with your girl, these 10 must-see chick flicks for guys provide great alternatives. The following movies present a man's perspective as well as a woman's. Many of these movies also contain hot ladies and numerous sex scenes.

  1. “Love Actually” Don’t let the “L” word in the title fool you. This movie is actually a must-see chick flick for guys. The incredible cast of British characters all have interesting plot lines. Plus, one of the stories involves a pair of porn actors while another subplot involves a threesome with Denise Richards.

  2. “Mean Girls” Thi high school comedy is a must-see chick flick for guys because of its smart and hilarious storytelling, courtesy of Tina Fey. The movie also highlights a younger, fresh-faced Lindsay Lohan, who was at the height of her movie fame when the film came out.

  3. “When Harry Met Sally” This chick flick for guys explores the effect of sex on friendships between the genders. The script provides a very frank account of certain common occurrences (like faking orgasms) and offers great performances from Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal.

  4. “Moulin Rouge!” Few musicals are bearable for most men, but this film is a must-see chick flick for guys. The music is contemporary, the performances are heart-pounding and the women are scantily clad.

  5. “Legends of the Fall” Most women flocked to this movie to see a young Brad Pitt, but the movie isn’t just about hunky men. This must-see chick flick for guys actually revolves around thre brothers living in the Montana wilderness and contains quite a bit of action.

  6. “Blue Crush” This girl power movie about a female surfer made Kate Bosworth and Michelle Rodriguez famous and inspired many girls to try the sport. It’s a chick flick movie for guys due to the gnarly waves and bikini-clad girls galore.

  7. “Flashdance” From way back in the ‘80s comes this must-see chick flick for guys. Jennifer Beals plays a stripper by night and an aspiring ballet dancer by day. It’s the perfect dance movie for the women, while the stripping scenes (involving buckets of water) and tiny leotards make it an enjoyable film for the men.

  8. “Clueless” This movie may be an adaptation of a Jane Austen book, but there is nothing prim and proper about this fun high school comedy. In this must-see chick flick for guys, Alicia Silverstone plays a hot rich girl who goes on one crazy mishap after another in Los Angeles.

  9. “The English Patient” An epic movie, the running time on this film might be long, but it’s well worth it for both men and women. It’s a must-see chick flick for guys because it presents both a love story and World War II story from the perspective of one man who ends up losing everything in his life.

  10. “The Wedding Singer” This chick flick for guys spoofs the 1980s and delivers some fun and at times raunchy, romantic humor. Adam Sandler plays a singer ditched at the altar who finds himself falling for a waitress played by Drew Barrymore. Unfortunately, she’s engaged to a complete jerk. Men can relate to the story and if that’s not enough, Billy Idol makes an appearance.