The big screen has been filled with movies about dysfunctional families and when watching, many people can relate to the impaired relationships with humor. Most people think family and home life couldn't get any worse until these movie about dysfunctional families debuted. In every movie, fans saw a little bit of life in every scene or in the relatives portrayed. 

  1. The Griswolds. "National Lampoon's Vacation" has to be the ultimate movie about dysfunctional families ever produced. The Griswolds set a precedence for all family vacations after the release of this movie in 1983. From the beginning of the movie and Clark Griswold being walked on by the car salesman to the end of the movie when he takes John Candy's character hostage at Wally World, the movie gave the dictionary a clear picture of dysfunction.

  2. The Jenkins. this family gave new meaning to returning home for an event in "Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins." From Roscoe's horny sister to the other arguing family members, this movie holds a place as one of the best ten movies about dysfunctional families.

  3. The Bakers. this family in "Sixteen Candles" would've embarrassed any teenager. When grandma set Molly Ringwald's character up on a date with the infamous foreign exchange student, no one in the theater could keep a straight face. But wait, what about the older sister who was bombed during her wedding ceremony?

  4. The Klumps. When "The Nutty Professor" debuted in 1996, families rejoiced at the hilarity of larger than life family and antics. The family has atrocious table manners but offered laughs for movie-goers. 

  5. The Fockers. Oh, the fun loving family from "Meet the Fockers" had it made as a dysfunctional family from the get-go. With a name that sounds relatively close to the biggest swear word known to mankind, fans knew this would be one of the best movies about dysfunctional families.

  6. The Tenenbaums. This 2001 movie, "Meet the Tenenbaums," featured an eccentric family of misfits. Dealing with upper class depression and anxiety, all the characters seemed to have animosity and hidden agendas making this a classic movie about dysfunctional families.

  7. The Hoovers. Traveling across country in a VW Van for a beauty pageant seems a little ridiculous but the the Hoover did in 2006 in "Little Miss Sunshine."  From vows of silence from a teenager and an uncle on suicide watch, this family is a modern age definition of dysfunction.

  8. The McDunnoghs. from the 1987 cult classic movie "Raising Arizona", the McDunnoghs proved even idiots could kidnap a baby. Infertility issues can make normal people do abnormal things.  Nicholas Cage and Holly Hunter give fabulous performances as the McDunnoghs as a dysfunctional couple.

  9. The Byrnes. The other family from "Meet the Parents" make the fans think home life really isn't so bad. Robert DeNiro plays the father figure and overprotective daddy with a slight acknowledgment of an underworld criminal. 

  10. The Wieners. This family from the 1995 movie "Welcome to the Dollhouse" dealt with some weird characters but were also classified as odd as a family. Nerdy teenager boy, Miss Perfect Sister and the menagerie of other family members made this movie another classic to add to the movies about dysfunctional families.