10 Most Romantic Scenes In Movies

Wednesday, March 9 by Ginny Putscher

Listed below are the most romantic scenes in movies. Watching a movie especially a romantic comedy or drama you expect to see a number of romantic scenes between a man and woman.

  1. “Pretty Woman.” A romantic scene in “Pretty Woman” occurs when Edward drives up to Vivian apartment with the operetta music playing and then he jumps out of the roof of the limo and meets Vivian halfway on the fire escape stairs.
  2. “The Notebook.” In “Notebook,” the most romantic scene is when Noah takes Allie to see the swans on the lake and then because it starts raining, they head back to the dock. Once back at the dock Allie gets out of the boats and ask Noah why he did not write to her. Noah tells Allie, but he did write to her and they realize at that point they still love each other very much and end up making passionate love.  
  3. “Ghost.” The most romantic scene in “Ghost” is when Molly is at the clay wheel and Sam sits behind her and helps her make a clay pot.
  4. Officer and a Gentleman.” In ”Officer and a Gentleman,” the most romantic scene is at the end when Zak goes to the paper mill and finds Paula, picks her up and carries her out.
  5. “Casablanca.” The most romantic scene in “Casablanca” is when Rick and Ilsa eyes meet in the in Rick’s Cafe. All their suppress love surfaces. 
  6. “The Bridges of Madison County.” The most romantic scene in “The Bridges of Madison County” is when Francesca is in the car with her husband stopped at a red light and Robert is in his car in front of them. Francesca made a very hard choice, to stay with her husband and not run off with Robert. 
  7. “Pearl Harbor.” In “Pearl Harbor the most romantic scene occurs when Evelyn and Danny play hide and seek in the parachutes and eventually make love.
  8.  “Titanic.” The most romantic scene in the “Titanic” occurs when Rose asks Jack to draw her in the nude wearing the invaluable blue diamond Cal has given her.
  9. “Out of Africa.”In “Out of Africa,” Denys, the most romantic scene is when Denys is dancing with Karen while they were on safari.
  10. “Body Heat.” The most romantic scene in “Body Heat “ is when Ned breaks the pane of glass by throwing a chair through it to get to Maddy.
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