The 10 most romantic scenes from Hollywood movies are sure to have your date or girlfriend swooning. What makes or breaks a romantic movie is the main romantic scene. Most of the best scenes are from well known classics, but a few newer movies managed to make the list.

  1. "Titanic." A poor boy falls in love with a rich girl on the ill-fated ship, Titanic. There are many romantic scenes in this movie, but the one that stands out the most is when Jack and Rose are at the bow of the ship with their arms outstretched, pretending their flying, and share their first kiss.

  2. "Gone With the Wind." A wonderful classic with many romantic scenes to choose from.  The most memorable romantic scene is when Rhett Butler kisses Scarlett O’Hara against a fiery red sky on the road leading to Tara before he leaves her to fight with the Confederate Army.

  3. "Dirty Dancing." This romantic drama mixes love and dancing. The most romantic and scene, and second most memorable, is the private slow dancing scene between Baby and Johnny. This scene is so romantic because Johnny shows his sensitive side and Baby shows how sexy she can be.

  4. "Casablanca." This 1942 classic does not end in happily-ever-after, but it still has one of the most romantic scenes in a movie. At the very last moment, Rick makes Ilsa board the plane with her husband saying that she would regret it if she stayed, “Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of your life.”

  5. "The Notebook." Allie and Noah are meant to be, but Allie doesn’t know it because she has Alzheimer’s and can’t remember their life together. Everyday Noah reads her the story of their life, hoping that for just a few moments she will remember. The most romantic scene is the ending, when Allie finally remembers him and they lay in bed together and peacefully pass away, holding hands.

  6. "Love Actually." A movie with many different couples, stories, and romantic scenes. The story of Juliet, Peter, and Mark is very heartbreaking at first; After Peter and Juliet get married, she finds out that Peter’s best friend, Mark, has been in love with her all along.  Then the most romantic scene follows, Mark shows up at her door with poster signs and Christmas music playing from a small radio. The signs read that he will always love her and as he walks away, she thanks him with a kiss.

  7. "When Harry Met Sally." Harry and Sally meet several different times in their life before becoming best friends. Then they have a one night stand, ruining their friendship. The most romantic scene in this movie is when Harry realizes he loves Sally, runs through the city to find her, tells her all the reasons why he loves her, and kisses her.

  8. "Ghost." The most famous scene in this movie is the “pottery wheel” scene but the most romantic scene is the ending. Sam and Molly say goodbye to each other and share one last kiss. Makes you smile and cry at the same time.

  9. "An Officer and a Gentleman." Not an obviously romantic movie, but it has one of the most memorable romantic scenes ever. Just when you have given up hope for a Paula and Zack, he shows up at her job, dressed in his naval whites and carries her out of the factory while her coworkers cheer and cry.

  10. "Just Like Heaven." In this romantic comedy, David falls in love with a “ghost”, Elizabeth, who is in a coma after getting into a car accident months earlier. When Elizabeth awakes from her coma, she remembers nothing of her time with David. David creates the most perfect and beautiful garden for Elizabeth on the roof of her apartment building and when they touch hands, she finally remembers him and they kiss, a very sweet and romantic scene.