The 10 most famous romantic movies are films that have endured for decades without losing their freshness and appeal. Each year produces a new crop of romantic movies, several of which enjoy some popularity at the time, but are soon forgotten within a few years. The ten most famous romantic movies, however, feature a special magic between the co-stars that transcends plot and performance and makes these pictures unforgettable. 

  1. “Gone With the Wind.” This isn't just one of the most famous romantic movies ever, it may be the most famous movie of any kind ever made. This sprawling story of life in the Old South with its powerful personalities and aristocratic social order has an international and inter-generational following.

  2. “Breakfast at Tiffany's.” Eccentric party girl Holy Golightly and her gigolo neighbor fall in love. This was the beautiful Audrey Hepburn's most famous romantic movie role.

  3. “Titanic.” This is wonderful story of love overcoming class distinctions. It's also one of the best depictions of the most famous disaster in sailing history.

  4. “An Officer and a Gentleman.” This famous romantic movie is really a modern fairy tale as a knight in shining armor rescues his princess from a life of drudgery and disappointment. The final scene is one of the most feel good moments in movie history.

  5. “Grease.” This is not only a famous romantic movie, it's also a great musical with a soundtrack that's still popular today. Olivia Newton John and John Travolta are exceptionally effective in their respective roles as “miss good two shoes” and the bad boy.

  6. “Dirty Dancing.” The terrific chemistry between Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze made this movie a smash hit. It's the story of the romance between a dance instructor and his student. The soundtrack was as popular as the movie.

  7. “The Philadelphia Story.” This famous romantic movie features some of the biggest stars in Hollywood in the 1940s. This film demonstrates why even today many people view Cary Grant as the ultimate male sex symbol.

  8. “Pretty Woman.” In the past, the movie “My Fair Lady” would have occupied this spot, but this update of the same “Pygmalion” plot gives this film an even greater and more enduring charm. Richard Gere was already a major player in Hollywood, but this romantic movie made Julia Roberts a major star, too. She got the role only after several better known actresses turned down the part, much to their later regret.

  9. “When Harry Met Sally.” This famous romantic movie derives it notoriety from Meg Ryan's famed fake orgasm scene. Moviegoers were both shocked and amused that “America's sweetheart” was so knowledgeable about such things.

  10. “The Bridges of Madison County.” This famous romantic movie features an older couple. While a woman's family is away, she has a four-day affair with a man passing through town. Who knew Dirty Harry could be so romantic?