This article will highlight 10 Korean thriller movies that you should see. Thrillers always use suspense, excitement, and tension to entertain an audience. Here is a list of 10 Korean thrillers that are sure to entertain you.

  1. "Double Agent" (2003). This thriller is set in the politically charged climate of Korea in the 1980's. The story follows a North Korean Intelligence operative who defects to South Korea in order to spy for North Korea.

  2. "H" (2003). This is a psychological/thriller. The plot follows a police officer and detective who seek the help of a psychological profiler in order to catch a copycat murderer who's on the loose.

  3. "Bloody Tie" (2006). This is a Korean crime thriller. The plot revolves around a revengeful cop and a mid-level drug dealer who team-up to bring down a powerful kingpin.

  4. "Apartment" (2006). This is a thriller/horror film. While staring out of her window at the apartment complex next door, a woman becomes fixated on an apartment where the lights go out at 9:56 every night, and every day, she finds out a murder took place there.

  5. "Monopoly" (2006). This is a Korean crime/thriller. The movie is about a computer programmer who is tricked by a smooth-talking businessman into stealing small amounts of cash from every bank account in the country.

  6. "The Customer Is Always Right" (2006). This Korean thriller is about blackmail. Each time a naive barber confronts his blackmailer, the price goes higher and higher, which leaves the barber no  choice but to consider murder.

  7. "Return" (2007). This thriller is about intra-operative awareness. The story follows a boy who murders a girl after his experience with intra-operative awareness. After the boy's memory of his experience is sealed off through hypnosis, he goes on to live a normal life, until his memories return twenty years later and he murders again.

  8. "Public Enemy Returns" (2008). This Korean thriller features a tough-guy policeman. A recently retired police officer sets out to bring down a prominent business man after coming across evidence that links him to murder. 

  9. "Mother" (2009). This is a thriller about a mother's love. After her not-so-bright son is arrested for murder, his mother sets out to prove he didn't do it, only to find out the shocking truth about her him.

  10. "Secret" (2009). This thriller is about the love of a husband. After a detective becomes convinced of his wife's involvement in a high profile case, he sets out to cover her guilt, while simultaneously being blackmailed by a stranger. 

Note: Each of these Korean thriller movies are available on DVD with English subtitles for your enjoyment.