Here are 10 hot romance movies that turn us on as well as tug at our heartstrings. These romance movies provide plenty of great love stories, while also providing steam.

  1. "9 1/2 Weeks" Every girl secretly wants a bad boy. The problem is they're not always sure how bad they can get. In this 1986 movie, Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke both find out just how far someone will go for love.  

  2. "Eyes Wide Shut" Can romance survive among the orgies? It sure can in this film, the last one directed by the late great Stanley Kubrick. Real-life couple (at the time) Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman get down and dirty with each other (and others) during this hot romance movie.

  3. "Dangerous Liaisons" Period pieces by and large are not considered "hot," but when it takes place in the cleavage-baring days before French Revolution, the sex factor is ramped up repeatedly. John Malkovich romances Michelle Pfeffer in this cinema classic.

  4. "Monster's Ball" We were never quite sure we'd picture Halle Berry with Billy Bob Thornton, but this hot romance changed our minds. Romantic, yet with a surprisingly sensual side, this movie just, well, made us feel good.

  5. "Original Sin" Banderas. Jolie. How could you go wrong? It's fun to watch these two out-steam each other during this hot romance. Jolie plays a femme fatale (shocking) who seduces Banderas' character into a world of lies and deceit. Lucky fella.

  6. "Before Sunrise" Possibly one of the most under-rated romance movies, "Before Sunrise" tells the story of two people who meet on a train and fall in love one night. A sexy movie that's smart as well as romantic.

  7. "Unfaithful" Diane Lane plays a wife tempted by a hot Frenchman in this 2002 film. This simple tale of infidelity turned on Hollywood audiences and re-launched Lane's career. A very hot romance movie.

  8. "Last Tango in Paris" Who could resist a young Marlon Brando? Not Maria Schneider in this '70s classic. Famous for its extended and somewhat controversial sex scenes, this romantic movie still shocks (and titillates) today.

  9. "Two Moon Junction" A drifter meets a southern debutante and the sparks fly in this 1988 hot romance starring a pre-"Twin Peaks" Sherilyn Fenn. This tale of forbidden love between complete opposites may seem like a standard love story, but it's also sexy as all get out.

  10. "White Palace" A younger man, a older woman and a whole lot of lovin' involved in this hot romance film featuring Susan Sarandon and James Spader. A must-see for fans of the genre.