The ten historical chick flicks listed here were chosen because they are based on real historical occurrences. They are all well made, most feature outstanding Hollywood stars and definitely appeal to female sensibilities. Many of these pictures would be considered "costume dramas" and the costumes, too are pretty good!

  1. "Titanic" 1997 film based on the true story of the luxury liner Titanic which goes down on its maiden voyage. Kate Winslet is a rich socialite who is traveling with her parents and very rich fiance. A chance meeting with a lower class but handsome and charming Leonardo DiCaprio changes her fate forever.

  2. "Dr. Zhivago" One of those films that, with its beautiful cinematography and haunting musical score, never gets old. The setting is the early part of the 20th century during the Russian Revolution when Tsar Nicholas II is overthrown and the Soviet Union is established. Omar Sharif stars in the title role as a writer whose work is banned by the Soviets. He is having an affair with the beautiful Lara, played by Julie Christie.

  3. "Gone With The Wind" Right up there as one of the greatest movies of all time, this 1939 winner of ten Academy Awards never grows old, either. The setting in the American South during the Civil War. Scarlett O'Hara (Vivien Leigh) finds herself in charge of her southern estate "Tara." She runs into Rhett Butler (Clark Gable) again and their romance sizzles on the screen.

  4. "From Here to Eternity" Winner of 8 Academy Awards, including Best Picture, this 1953 film is worth watching again and again. In beautiful, tropical Pearl Harbor, an army sergeant (played by Burt Lancaster) is having an affair with his commanding officer's wife (played by Deborah Kerr) The beach love scene is one of cinema's best. Pearl Harbor is attacked by the Japanese and World War II begins.

  5. "The Queen" 2006 movie notable for its winning performance by Helen Mirren as Queen Elizabeth II. When the beloved "people's princess" Diana is tragically killed in a car crash, the Queen must decide how to publicly handle her death. She would prefer a private funeral since her son is divorced from Diana. Prime Minister Tony Blair convinces her that she must agree to a very public funeral.

  6. "Anastasia" The original and best of the "Anastasia" movies, made in 1956, stars Ingrid Bergman in the title role. The setting is Russia in the 1920's. The Russian royal family has been murdered by the Communists after the Revolution. There is a belief, however, that the tsar's young daughter Anastasia has survived. If she is truly the tsar's survivor, she stands to inherit the fortune that was left by the tsar and placed in a bank. Is she or isn't she?

  7. "Elizabeth, The Golden Age" Cate Blanchett stars in the title role in this 2007 sequel to "Elizabeth" the 1998 movie. The year is 1585. An aging Queen Elizabeth who is unmarried and childless knows she will pass her throne to her next of kin, Mary Queen of Scots. Elizabeth falls for the dashing Sir Walter Raleigh who betrays her by having an affair with her lady-in-waiting.

  8. "The Song of Bernadette" The year is 1858. A young girl (played by Jennifer Jones) has 18 visions of the Virgin Mary. No one believes her, including church and civil authorities. She never changes her story, however, even in the face of ridicule and threats. This 1943 oldie tells the story of the young peasant girl who becomes Saint Bernadette and the background of how Lourdes, France became a pilgrimage destination.

  9. "Anne of the Thousand Days" Richard Burton plays King Henry VIII. The year is 1536. His wife Catherine of Aragon cannot produce a son. He throws her over for Anne Boleyn. Anne has a daughter. Now Henry must get rid of Anne, too. 1969 costume drama.

  10. "The Virgin Queen" Another flick about the 1500's in English history. This one was made in 1955 and stars Hollywood legend Bette Davis in the title role as Queen Elizabeth I. Sir Walter Raleigh flatters the queen to get ships to sail to the New World. He betrays Elizabeth by having an affair with her lady-in-waiting.