History has always yielded excellent cinema as evidenced by this list of 10 historic movies. Film is an art form that can be used to explore a wide variety of subjects. Above all, the best movies are the ones with the best story and the best stories are usually the ones we can directly relate to. The best stories people can relate to are the ones founded upon reality and of all movie genres, the strongest example of expressing truth about the human condition are historic films. Let's face it, the best stories come from the history of our world and the people in it. Whether it's a war film, a biography or just an account from a certain period of time, historic films are among the most celebrated of movie genres.

  1. "Gandhi" This film is undoubtedly exhausting. It is a nearly three-hour long biography and concerns a man who practiced non-violence as a means to battle injustice. It may not sound exciting, but by the end, you'll be glad you stuck around.

  2. "Spartacus" This is a must-see for fans of both history and movies. You'll find yourself quoting the ever quotable final words as they are repeated by all the characters on screen in defense of the titular character's life.

  3. "Ben Hur" It's all about that infamous chariot race. The entire movie would be worth it for that one scene alone, but don't be fooled; you won't be able to take your eyes off the screen for the entire three-hour duration.

  4. "Saving Private Ryan" Perhaps the greatest war film ever made, "Saving Private Ryan" will stay with you days after you have seen it. With it's brutal opening scenes depicting D-Day battle on Omaha Beach all the way down to it's gut-wrenching conclusion, this one cannot be missed.

  5. "Glory" Just as important as World War II is, even more important may be the Civil War. Denzel Washington won an Oscar for his performance in this movie full of important commentary that is still relevant today.

  6. "Amistad" This is a film about a forgotten chapter in history. It concern the American trial of some African slaves who mutinied on their slave ship. Featuring Anthony Hopkins in a stirring performance as the great John Quincy Adams, you must pay attention to his amazing courtroom speech near the end.

  7. "Munich" Okay, this is a very challenging movie to sit through. Of all the movies on our list, this one concerns the most recent even in our history, which makes it even more difficult stomach. Nonetheless, it is without a doubt one of the most important motion pictures ever made.

  8. "Braveheart" Mel Gibson may be getting some heat in recent times, but he is a wonderful filmmaker. If you find that difficult to believe, set personal opinions aside and view this masterpiece as a movie without paying relevance to the people who made it.

  9. "Apollo 13" The greatest movie ever made about space exploration and a brilliant account of one of the most famous occurrences in recent history.

  10. "Schindler's List" This is Steven Spielberg's fourth film on this list. He is perhaps the most important filmmaker of our times and this is his greatest masterpiece. His subject is the Holocaust and he pulls no punches, but at the same time, he manages to present the darkness and show the light. This is an astounding achievement of miraculous proportions.