The 10 greatest thriller movies of all time include action, psychological, supernatural and crime themes. Thrillers keep the hair standing up on the arm and the goose bumps coming as you never know what to expect next. These ten greatest thriller movies include a guy stuck in a phone booth by long distance gunpoint, assassins, dead people, fast cars, dead moles, criminals, future benders and courtroom drama.

  1. "Phone Booth" is an edgy psychological thriller released in 2002. Colin Farrell portrays a New York publicist who has a couple skeletons in his closet until a deranged sniper corners the man's conscience in a phone booth.

  2. All volumes of "Kill Bill" are highly entertaining action thrillers. Quentin Tarantino's "Kill Bill" films are packed with assassins, sharp swords, fancy footwork and skilled fight moves - everything an action thriller should include. When snakes enter the scene, prepare to be rattled.

  3. "The Sixth Sense" continues to give viewers shivers. Bruce Willis becomes the focal point in this 1999 thriller where a young boy claims to see dead people. 

  4. "Fast and The Furious" is defined as one of the hottest action and crime thrillers of 2001. An undercover cop takes on a hijacking ring assignment involving Los Angeles street racing. The thrill of the ride is nothing short of high-test visual entertainment.

  5. "The Departed" was released in 2006 as a powerful crime thriller. Full of moles on each side of the story, it is cop versus mob tagged by an explosive ending no one could have suspected.

  6. "The Hunting Party" is a political thriller that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. Released in 2007, "The Hunting Party" is a highly entertaining movie surrounding the hunt for a man many call Fox. By the end of the rolling credits one common question is known to cross a viewer's mind - is a fox this sly possible?

  7. "The Butterfly Effect" is an outstanding psychological thriller released in 2004. Ashton Kutcher's character finds a way to go back in time with hopes of creating a better future. The problems begin when each travel experience ends up with worse consequences. In an unexpected twist, the character changes everything by simply changing his heart. Movie effects featuring thrilling time travel scenes are of five-star quality.

  8. "JFK," directed by Oliver Stone, marks a political thriller released in 1991. Kevin Costner portrays New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison in the case involving Clay Shaw. The goals widen for answers to questions surrounding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in this conspiracy theorist style movie. This is a movie that remains one of America's favorites.

  9. "The Dead Zone" is a supernatural thriller released in 1983. Christopher Walken portrays a man waking up from a lengthy coma years later with the ability to read a person's past by shaking their hand. The man realizes he could change the outcome of some future events. The highlights of this movie surrounds a mad politician and how he is stopped. This is a true thriller for viewers and Christopher Walken fans alike.

  10. "Manchurian Candidate" is by far one of the most thrilling rides on this ten greatest thriller movies list. Released in 2004 and starring Denzel Washington, "Manchurian Candidate" involves brainwashing and politics. And to think, in 2004, most wouldn't consider microchips being inserted such as was in the main character's back. This film is full of tracking twists and swift turns.