The 10 greatest movie love scenes are well known to anyone who has a heart and a working TV. Some love scenes are very physical while others are emotional. Some of the greatest love scenes could also qualify for the list of the greatest sex scenes, but there are many kinds of love, and some of the best love scenes happen when everyone is fully clothed. Here are the greatest movie love scenes.

  1. "The Notebook," 2004. It is not even necessary to mention the particular scene because every girl knows it and every guy has heard about it. It occurs when the in love duo embrace in the rain. She is cute, he looks like a homeless guy, but they are passionately in love and together they make a beautiful couple.

  2. "Lady and the Tramp," 1955. Anyone who thought that animals did not know how to love has obviously never watched a pair of canines share a plate of pasta. She was a prissy lady and he was a ragamuffin tramp but love knows no boundaries and restaurant owner Tony hooked them up. 

  3. "Ghost,"1990. The late Patrick Swayze was popular with the ladies and he worked his magic on Demi Moore in this classic 90's movie. You would not think of making pottery as a prelude to a great love scene but that is what happened in this movie and it remains one of the greatest movie love scenes ever.

  4. "Desperado," 1995. This love scene is also one of the best sex scenes ever and just happens to feature the hottest movie star ever. Anyone would be intensely in love if they found Salma Hayek naked in their bed and the lucky guy in that situation in this film was Antonio Banderas.  

  5. "Dirty Dancing," 1987. It is Patrick Swayze again, but this time it is Jennifer Grey that is in love with him. This romantic film features many tender moments but the love scene in Swayze's shack is the one that qualifies as one of the greatest movie love scenes of all time. 

  6. "Titanic," 1997. Kate Winslet and Leonardo Di Caprio are two movie stars with legions of admirers, so there were bound to be fireworks when these two got together. The setting for their love scene was a car with steam covered windows aboard a ship that was about to sink. 

  7. "Gone With The Wind,"1939. This film is full of passion, and 70 years later, much of it sparks a good deal of controversy. The best moment is when Clark Gable demands a kiss and will not take no for an answer. Scarlett O'Hara tries to act like she does not like him but we all know she does.. .

  8. "Mulhollan Drive," 2001. This film has one of the greatest movie love scenes that just happens to be between two hot women with pretty big breasts. One of the women is Aussie sex symbol Naomi Watts and as ever she delights her male admirers. 

  9. "Blue Lagoon," 1980. This movie is now 30 years old but it is still remembered for having one of the greatest movie love scenes of all time. Brooke Shields was a hot young Hollywood star and she was not afraid to show her cousin a good time. 

  10. "Unfaithful," 2002. She had an adoring husband at home but Diane Lane just could net get satisfaction from her time spent with the spectacle wearing Richard Gere. A chance meeting with a French book lover leads to a raunchy sex scene that is one of the greatest movie love scenes ever.