The 10 great thriller movies listed below include psychological, crime, mystery, supernatural and horror genres.  From a killer shark attacking a summer resort, creatures invading a city or some guys getting together to take down important financial institutions, these great thriller movies keeps the thrill of watching films alive.

  1. "Psycho," an Alfred Hitchcock film, was released in 1960. This psychological thriller is nothing short of a mother's nightmare. Anthony Perkins portrays a man who doesn't know when to stop dressing up like mother and killing guests along the way.

  2. "Hush...Hush Sweet Charlotte" was released in 1964 starring Bette Davis. Davis puts the "ill" in thrill in this tale of two motives. The main character is tricked on various occasions, but the joke is on those behind the devious acts. One of the best, light spoken thrillers of all time. 

  3. "Rosemary's Baby" gave new meaning to thrillers. Leaving many pregnant women on edge, this dark thriller shares a tale of a demon birth from a human womb. "Rosemary's Baby" includes great acting talents by Mia Farrow, the main character.

  4. "Fight Club," a 1999 film starring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton, remains popular for many moviegoers. "Fight Club" shares an unusual, unpredictable and highly creative story. Is in the office employee or the soap salesman behind the global male organization? Prepare to be caught off guard at the explosive ending in taking down some of the most important financial institutions—in the movie that is. 

  5. "The Usual Suspects" is one of 1995's best thrillers. Kevin Spacey does an outstanding job in this film by fooling an investigator to escape being a suspect. An elaborate scheme that plays out from the moment the blueprints create the crime.

  6. "No Country For Old Men" was released in 2007 featuring an unusua weapon of choice. "No Country For Old Men" involves a man at the wrong place at the wrong time, claiming found drug money. A tall and bulky collector tries to track down the man's whereabouts while killing anyone with a pressurized instrument who can't toss a coin in their favor. Tommy Lee Jones plays a law official tracking down the man on the run—the man being tracked by the giant.

  7. "Jaws," the 1975 thriller surrounding water and a killer shark. A first of its kind, "Jaws" remains king of all shark movies since the film tends to keep viewers on the edge of their seats and off boats. 

  8. "The Shining" marks one of the scariest psychological thrillers of all time. "The Shining," starring Jack Nicholson, takes viewers into merged worlds of past spirits and present nightmares as a snowbound lodge comes to life with motives of its own.

  9. "Cloverfield" is an incredible 2008 sci-fi thriller. "Cloverfield" asks, "Is it possible for something to find us?" Action-packed moments of creatures attacking in the darkness or towering over tall skyscrapers lifts the bar of the usual thriller. "Cloverfield" did not require a huge budget as other high-end films, but surprisingly did well at the box office. 

  10. "The Uninvited" is a horror-mystery thriller released in 2009. A twisted story that keeps all viewers away from the truth until the end splits reality in half.