Couples hoping to rekindle their romance may find inspiration from the following ten great love movies. From classics such as "My Fair Lady" to the unique "They Might Giants" these films are some of the greatest on-screen romances of all time. Each is sure to please any romantic.

  1. In “Ghost," Patrick Swayze stars as a dead man, whose ghost remains on earth. He manages to help his wife discover the truth about his death and to avoid an unhealthy romance. Filled with comedy and suspense, this film is one of the top greatest love movies.

  2. In “Persuasion” a woman turns down the proposal of the man she loves at her family's urging. She continues to love him, but when they meet again many years later, he is bitter over her rejection and pays attention to other women. A tragic event brings the two together.

  3. “Love Actually” tells the story of eight different couples with different relationships and views on love. In some places sad and in others funny, the film is very human, delightfully romantic and altogether heartwarming. "Love Actually" is a great love movie, because it does away with many clichés about love.

  4. “My Fair Lady.” This great love movie is a romance between, a woman-hating professor and a flower girl. After the professor bets that he can pass the girl off as a lady, Higgins gives her speech lessons and passes her off as a princess. Although he has sworn to “never let a woman in his life” the professor finds that he misses the flower girl when she leaves.

  5. “Pretty Woman” is a romance between Vivian, a prostitute and Edward, cold-hearted business man. Edward helps Vivian learn how to be a lady. Meanwhile, Vivian teaches Edward how to use his heart. This great love movie has become an American classic.

  6. In “They Might Be Giants,” a judge loses his mind and believes that he is Sherlock Holmes. Doctor Watson is a female psychiatrist who is sent to help him. Although "Holmes" is both gruff and mad and the two fall in love.

  7. “High Society.” This great love movie is the story of a socialite who demands perfection from everyone. Her strictness breaks apart her marriage. Yet, when she meets someone who is perfect and falls under his scrutiny, she realizes that she prefers her flawed, but kind ex-husband.

  8. “Always.” In this film, Richard Dreyfuss plays an airplane pilot whose love for his wife lasts even after his death. He is allowed to come back to earth to help out another pilot, but finds himself jealous when this pilot begins making passes at his wife. Eventually, he realizes that his wife needs a companion and he lets her go – but not before saving her life.

  9. “Gone with the Wind.” This great Civil War era movie tells the tale of Rhett Butler, who loves manipulative beauty Scarlett O’Hara in spite of her flaws. He laughs as she weds various suitors in order to keep her family’s plantation, dances with her, even when it is improper because she is a recent widow, and marries her before she loves him, hoping to win her affection. Although Butler eventually leaves O’Hara, his dedication and steadiness are compelling and they make "Gone with the Wind" one of the greatest love stories of all time.

  10. “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Though perhaps not generally thought of as a great love movie, there is plenty of romance in this classic film. George Bailey gives up his dreams of travel and adventure to sav the town of Bedford Falls from the corrupt Mr. Potter. He marries small-town girl, Mary Hatch, who is quite content with staying in Bedford Falls. George often takes out his frustration on Mary, but she lovingly supports him through a run on his bank and a scandal that threatens to send George to prison. Mary’s enduring love makes this one of the greatest love movies of the 1940s.