The government movies from the 90’s include historical biopics, comedies and dramas that reside within the world the the United States government. Some movies remain controversial thanks to political bias but others are widely acclaimed thanks to their unique look on specific political issues.


Oliver Stone directs one of the best government movies from the 90’s as he tells his views of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Kevin Costner stars as the attorney who battles with the Warren Commission about their findings in the case.


Oliver Stone once again approaches a former U.S. President with one of the better government movies from the 90’s. Anthony Hopkins stars as Richard Nixon in this movie covering his actual life and ends with his resignation from the White House.

“The War Room”

This documentary is one of the best government movies from the 90’s. The film follows the campaign of Bill Clinton as he ran for President in the 1992 Presidential election. The film follows Clinton, George Stephanopoulos and James Carville in the election run.


This government movie from the 90’s follows a student government election in a loca high school. It traces the candidates as they are involved in a three-way race for student president. It received an Oscar nomination and was partially influenced by Ross Perot’s addition to the 1992 Presidential election.


Warren Beatty stars in this satire government movie from the 90’s. The movie follows a California Senator who runs for re-election. The Senator buys a life insurance policy with his daughter as beneficiary and then hires at unknown hit-man to assassinate him until he realizes he really wants to live.

“Primary Colors”

This government movie from the 90’s is a comedy starring John Travolta. Travolta stars as a southern governor who decides to run for President. The movie is loosely based on Bill Clinton as Travolta bumbles his way to the top.

“Wag the Dog”

This government movie from the 90’s is a brilliant biting satire written by David Mamet. Robert De Niro is a spin doctor for the U.S. President who tries to cover up an extra-marital affair by hiring a Hollywood producer to create a fake war and get the nation’s mind on something else.

“The American President”

Michael Douglas stars as the U.S. President in this government movie from the 90’s. The President is single and looking to have a relationship with a lobbyist. The two have to cover up their relationship despite falling in love.


“Dave” is a comedy government movie from the 90’s in which Kevin Kline stars as a man who is a Presidential impersonator. One day, Dave is asked to impersonate the President by the Secret Service and after the President suffers a stroke, Dave pretends to be the President for the nation.

“Air Force One”

Harrison Ford is the President of the United States in this government movie from the 90’s. While not as political as the others on the list, Ford plays the President as a take-no-prisoners action hero who defends Air Force One when it is overtaken by terrorists.

- Shawn Lealos