Finding a list of 10 good romance movies isn’t always the easiest task. To provide help in sifting through the vast ocean of choices, below is a compiled list of ten good romance movies. Grab some popcorn and tissues, and then settle in for lots of romance.

  1. P.S. I Love You.” “P.S. I Love You” starring Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler, is a good romance movie from 2007. Holly (Hilary Swank) is a widow whose husband was everything to her Knowing he was dying, he crafted a plan. Beginning on her thirtieth birthday, she receives a cake and video from her late husband, and then the letters begin. Holly’s family and friends think the letters are preventing her from moving on, but in reality, they are helping her

  2. .“The Notebook.” “The Notebook” starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams, is a good romance movie, but also a tear jerker. An elderly man pays regular visits to a woman in a nursing home and each visit he reads to her from an old journal. The journal tells the story of a young couple who fall in love then are separated for years before they meet again.

  3. Titanic.” “Titanic” starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, is a great retelling of the sinking of the ship, Titanic, with a fictional twist. “Titanic” is a good romance movie that is fast paced with a lot of action.

  4.  “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.” Starring Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey, “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” is the tale of how a journalist comes up with a story for work where she would show how wome drive men away. By doing this she would choose a guy, win him over and then use all the classic mistakes women make to drive them away. Little does she know the man she chooses has his own little plan in motion.

  5. “Just Like Heaven.” “Just Like Heaven” starring Reese Witherspoon is a good romance movie, but remember to bring the tissues. In this movie Elizabeth (Reese Witherspoon) finds herself out of her body after a horrible car crash. She also finds a man living in her apartment and it turns out he is the only one who can see her. They go on a quest to find her body and wonder in the mean time why he is the only one who can see her.

  6. “Pearl Harbor.” “Pearl Harbor” is a good romance movie for those who like true stories with the fictional elements. Starring Ben Affeck, Josh Hartnett and Kate Beckinsale “Pearl Harbor” tells the tale of one woman who loves two men in the midst of the attack in Hawaii.

  7. “Dirty Dancing.” Starring Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey “Dirty Dancing” is a good romance movie, especially for those who like dancing. Jennifer Grey plays “Baby” who is spending the summer at Kellermans Resort. Soon Baby meets Johnny Castle, the dance instructor who changes her world.

  8. “Sweet Home Alabama.” “Sweet Home Alabama” starring Reese Witherspoon, is the funny tale of a woman who has a thriving career in New York and is proposed to by her boyfriend. The problem is, she is already married. So she goes home to Alabama to try and force her husband to sign the divorce papers so she can get married. But, as they battle it out, their true feelings come out also.

  9. “City of Angels.” “City of Angels” stars Meg Ryan and Nicolas Cage. A mellow movie about an Angel who falls in love with a lady doctor. Seth (Nicolas Cage) is faced with the choice of being forever an Angel, or becoming human so that he can be with his love.

  10. “Gone With the Wind.” A classic good romance movie “Gone With the Wind is the story of a spoiled girl from the south who loves a married man. This movie simply has to be watched, for any explanation will fall short in telling how good it is.