In order to uncover at least 10 good chick flicks from 2007, we were subjected to hours and days of untold tortures, like cheesecloth plot lines and characters almost as one-dimensional as Mark Wahlberg. After it was all over, we were surprised to see an entire top 10 list unfold before our scratching pens. If you are man enough to take the challenge, or just want to know what to avoid, here are 10 good chick flicks 2007.

  1. "P.S. I Love You" - The odd and funny story of a widow whose good-natured husband leaves her a series of letters to help her cope through the year after his death. Starring Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler, if you watch this with your girlfriend or wife, you'll probably garner yourself a man of the year award.

  2. "Music & Lyrics" - Be warned that it stars Hugh Grant. Living a comfortable life living of the royalties of an 80s pop song, Alex Fletcher has a week to come up with lyrics to a new song for a rising pop star. He is bewildered and befuddled in his very Hugh Grant British way and that is where Drew Barrymore steps in.

  3. "Because I Said So" - Diane Keaton stars as a mother who is adamant that her youngest daughter, played by Mandy Moore, not be a floozy like she had been, so she sets up an online dating ad for her and attempts to set her up with the "perfect" man.

  4. "Becoming Jane" - Fresh off the heels of 2005's "Pride and Prejudice" and all the Austenmania that ensued, this period drama is the true story of the author herself, Jane Austen. Starring Anne Hathaway and James McAvoy.

  5. "The Jane Austen Book Club" - After one of them gets dumped for a younger woman, six women start a book club where they read the classics by Jane Austen. As they read the 19th century stories, they realize how similar their lives and stories are, discovering that love and relationships never really change. Watch this only if you don't mind your balls shriveling a little. 

  6. "Georgia Rule" - A grandmother gets her teenaged granddaughter dumped on her for a summer. Forced to live under a strict rules of the house, rebellious Rachel spills the secret to her behaviors causing her alcoholic mother to return to find out if it's really the truth.

  7. "I Could Never Be Your Woman" - Michelle Pfeiffer and Paul Rudd star in this comedy about a 40-year-old producer who falls for the 29-year-old actor she casts to bring her flailing sitcom back to life.

  8. "Evening" - Two daughters are surprised when they hear their aging and bedridden mother call out for a man named Harris. Ann Lord reveals her secret from 50 years past about the man she could never forget.

  9. "Atonement" - A drama starring Keira Knightley. This story is about a child who falsely accuses her sister's lover with far-reaching consequences.

  10. "Waitress" - An unhappily married and now pregnant waitress tries to find her way out of her predicament. Falling for the new town doctor only complicates the situation.