Keep yourself guessing with these 10 English thriller movies. The movies that made the list of the ten best English thriller movies have one thing in common. They keep you completely engaged without a single explosion. Sure there's plenty of murder, mayhem and destruction, but the ten best English thriller movies rely much more on great characters, black humor and solid stories to keep you interested.

  1. “Shallow Grave” This terrific English thriller movie occupies the space between thriller and black comedy. When three roommates find one of their own dead in his room with tons of cash and drugs, the trio needs to figure out what to do with the money, the dope and the body before the cops and drug dealers come knocking.

  2. “Sexy Beast” Forget everything you thought you knew about Ben Kingsley after seeing him in “Gandhi.” In this English thriller movie, he sheds his robes for the persona of a sociopathic gangster gearing up for the heist of a lifetime.

  3. “Dead Man’s Shoes” There is nothing scarier than a trained solider bent on revenge. After returning home from military service, a young man goes after the men who abused his mentally challenged brother in great English thriller movie.

  4. “London to Brighton” It’s violence, gangsters and hookers that put this movie on the list of the ten best English thriller movies. After killing a gangster that they were supposed to date, a pair of hookers need to get out of town before the dead man’s son and their pimp come calling.

  5. “Red Road” Another of the ten best English thriller movies that focuses on vengeance. While working as a CCTV operator, a young woman trains her camera on a man who has damaged her in the past. Using her job as a cover she stalks her prey until she's ready to confront her demon.

  6. “The Third Man” When an old friend mysteriously dies after offering him a job, an out of work writer has to solve the mystery of what really happened to his friend in this classic English thriller.

  7. “A Clockwork Orange” Starring 60's bad boy Malcolm McDowell, this English thriller occupies a space that's part thriller and part sci- fi. Set in a futuristic England, great thriller looks at what happens when a young man, who lives for nothing but violence, sex and music, is reprogrammed to be a good citizen.

  8. “The 39 Steps” This little known but brilliant film is a must-see for fans of Alfred Hitchcock. Made before Hitchcock made the move to Hollywood, this English thriller is the story of a man trying to clear himself from murder charges, while stopping a nefarious spy ring.

  9. “Odd Man Out” Starring the always entertaining James Mason, this terrific English thriller movie is a dark and gritty tale of an IRA rebel wounded and on the run after a botched robbery. Mason’s performance, and the breathtakingly bleak scenery of Belfast, is what make this one of the ten best English thriller movies

  10. “Brighton Rock” After ordering the murder of his rival, a young gang leader marries the only witness to his crime to keep her quiet. But not even marriage can stop the cops and the dead man’s suspicious girlfriend from watching his every move. It’s high tension and the duplicitous nature of its driving characters, that makes this movie fun. Not even the good guys are who they seem in this English thriller.