If you need a warning about which drama movies to avoid at all costs, here are 10 drama movies that suck. No matter what your girlfriend might say, make sure to never let her sit you down to watch these horrible films. The list contains contrived tearjerkers, bad acting, and sappy love stories.

  1. “Fried Green Tomatoes” This Southern drama is loved by many women, but it is one drama movie that sucks for men. The story revolves around an unfulfilled housewife who befriends an old woman in a nursing home. Soon, she’s reminiscing about life in the South, female friendship, and good cooking. Stay clear of this movie.

  2. “Glitter” Mariah Carey worked on this movie, which became the low point in her career. She basically played herself as a rising music diva. The acting was so horrible that Carey won the Razzie award for her performance.

  3. “Nights in Rodanthe” This sappy drama movie that sucks contains everything a man dreads. Middle-aged lovers fall for each other in the sappiest way possible, a sudden tragedy tries to produce obligatory audience tears, and it all gets wrapped up with a corny bow.

  4. “Love Happens” Jennifer Aniston is the star of this movie, so you can count on the film being a loser. In this drama movie that sucks, Aniston plays a florist who falls for a man with the emotional baggage of losing his wife. She’s just broken up with her boyfriend, so they share grief, love, and Hallmark card lines in this movie dud.

  5. “Jersey Girl” Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck both appear in this drama film, which is an immediate tip off that it must suck. Their screen time together is limited, but that doesn’t save this boring film about a father and daughter that drags on interminably. Kevin Smith should really have known better.

  6. “Pay It Forward” This drama movie that sucks is a ponderous film that tries to pull on viewers’ heartstrings for the entire length of the movie. From a disfigured teacher just looking for love and warmth to a cute, precocious child who ends up getting stabbed, the melodramatic tragedy of it all is just too much.

  7. “Where the Heart Is” Natalie Portman plays a nice, but extremely naive girl who is abandoned by her deadbeat boyfriend while she’s pregnant to give birth at a local Wal-Mart. That’s actually the high point of this drama movie that sucks, since the rest of the film contains even more mushiness and a very forced romantic plot line.

  8. “Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood” The sisterhood in this movie is a group of cantankerous old women who gather for womanly gossip and fun. Sandra Bullock plays a daughter attempting to reconnect with her mother. This drama movie that sucks is not meant for men’s eyes.

  9. “P.S. I Love You” This drama movie that sucks is all about one woman’s struggle to cope with her husband’s death. Before he died, however, he left her cute notes that lead her on a treasure hunt to rediscover herself and celebrate life in corny ways.

  10. “Marie Antoinette” Sophia Coppola struck out with this drama movie that sucks. Kirsten Dunst plays Marie, and most of the movie is spent watching Dunst try on clothes, eat neon-colored cake, and buy diamonds. At the end of this longwinded bore, you don’t even get to see her execution scene.