Yeah, there are a lot more than ten cheesy chick flicks out there. But, you're only going to have to endure the descriptions of the ten cheesiest chick flicks. Cheesy chick flicks are the reason that so many women think a prince charming will fall from the sky. Cheesy chick flicks are also the reason so many guys will willfully enter platonic friendships with gorgeous girls, hoping these women will notice them. You've all been had!

  1. "The Notebook" It's cheesier than most macaronis. The only thing saving this movie is that some of the dialogue is actually witty. Oh, and Rachel McAdams is super hot. Other than that, it's a complete bore that you'll have to sit through at some point, if you want to have and maintain a relationship.

  2. "Pretty Woman" It's cheesy chick flicks like this one that have women brainwashed. They think some guy's going to find them and sweep them off of their respective pretty little feet. Why would a rich guy fall in love with a hooker and make her his wife? You all know rich banker types would rather spend five grand a pop on multiple chicks than to allow one to siphon all his dough for the rest of his life.

  3. "Sixteen Candles" Mushier than wet white bread. This crappy movie has guys thinking it's ok to be a platonic friend of the hot chick. It's visual emasculation. No hot girl ever falls in love with the dorky male friend after sweating the jock... Preposterous!

  4. "Titanic" Yeah, this movie is cheesy, and you all know it. Not only that, it's extraordinarily boring and long. Most guys would rather watch "The Lord of The Rings" in slow motion then sit through this crap.

  5. "Twilight" The whole series of movies suck. So what if there are vampires and werewolves. It's still nothing more than a cheesy chick flick. Vampires and werewolves are supposed to be killers, not malnourished looking little boys that fall in love with their food. Bah!

  6. "Ho Stella Got Her Groove Back" Any movie that talks about some chick getting her groove back in the title should be avoided. It's cheesy, unrealistic, and may be the reason for the cougar explosion in this country. Well, at least guys get something good out of it. Cougars.

  7. "Love Actually" It's a series of overlapping, intertwining mini love stories. Extra cheesy. You'll have to watch the entire "Die Hard" collection to get over sitting through this cheese-and-broccoli-soup of a movie.

  8. "Working Girl" It's arguably one of the worst of the worst cheesy chick flicks. It's not about a prolific prostitute like the title suggests. It's about some temp moving up in the corporate world. Who cares? Han Solo (Harrison Ford) being in the movie won't help make this movie any better.

  9. "Th Devil Wears Prada" Once again, it's one of those who-gives-a-crap movies. If you can get out of watching this, do it. Schedule a surgery the day your lady wants to rent this snore fest.

  10. "When Harry Met Sally" Meg Ryan is a cheesy chick flick repeat offender. But, this one is by far the most cheddar of all her cheesy flicks. Being hot only gets you so damn far Meg. Send out a memo to Jennifer Aniston and all the rest of the cheese queens. Guys are tired of enduring this crap.