These 10 best women in love movies were all extremely well-developed characters that helped make make films successful. These women were portrayed by amazing actresses, all of whom have an elite skill in their industry. You should definitely watch all these movies to take note of these great female roles.

  1. Elena Monterro, "The Mask of Zorro": Portrayed by Catherine Zeta Jones, this character shows strength and wit. She is beautiful but not without a strong mind. Without Zeta-Jones' mastery of this character, the film certainly would not have been as appealing.

  2. Nicole Oakley, "Crazy/Beautiful": Nicole's character is well-developed as an artistic and truly free-spirited individual. As the film progresses it is impossible to not fall in love with the unique lens with which she sees the world. 

  3. Ariel, "The Little Mermaid": Ariel is a character with curiosity, passion, and love. Her commitment to love—cartoon or not—ranks her among the best women in love.

  4. Amelie Poulain, "The Adventures of Amelie Poulain":  The role of Amelie is spectacularly portrayed by the adorable pixieish Audrey Tautou. The audience cannot help but become engaged with what may be a character's most interesting approach to love on film to date. 

  5. Daphne Reynolds, "What a Girl Wants": This character is portrayed amazingly by actress Amanda Bynes. The character is shown as goofy, but certainly headstrong. It is perhaps Bynes' capacity for comedy and romance that makes her the perfect fit for this film.

  6. Rose Bukater, "Titanic": A list of best female roles would be incomplete without Rose from "Titanic". Kate Winslet does a wonderful portrayal of this character's intriguing development through the course of the film. It is easy to identify with this female, making the ending so much sadder.

  7. Margaret Tate, "The Proposal": This film shows great chemistry between Margaret and Andrew Paxton. However, it is the unyieldingly stern character Margaret who cannot be ignored. Her progression from egocentricity towards selfless love is part of what makes this film remarkable.

  8. Allie Calhoun, "The Notebook": Allie's character is powerfully loveable through the course of this movie. She is adorable with her many quirks and delicate mannerisms. Rachel McAdams truly does an amazing job portraying this memorable character.

  9. Pocahontas, "Pocahontas": In this Disney classic, Pocahontas drives the film with strength, wisdom, and a dash of comedy, not to mention awe-inspiring valor. This character is definitely one of the 10 best women in love on film.

  10. Tess, "27 Dresses": Katherine Heigl plays the silent-dreamer Tess whose discovery of a new love helps wake her up to reality. The humor found in Tess and her eventual growth as a woman make the film so enjoyable.