What are the 10 bes white collar crime movies? If you have an appetite for adventure, these white collar crime flicks are a must see. Brazen, daring people with an insatiable appetite for adventure and money with little regard for those whose lives are turned upside down seem to come out of the woodwork yearly.

  1. "Boiler Room." (2000) Starring Vin Diesel and Ben Affleck as young stock brokers. A sleazy company is selling stocks for non existent companies.

  2. "Duplicity." (2009) Starring Julia Roberts and Clive Owen as two people who meet each other again after a time. The two take jobs at different companies to pull off a con job using a breakthrough product.

  3. "Firewall." (2006) Starring Harrison Ford as a family man who is desperately trying to get his family back from kidnappers who take them as hostage for money. Ford feels forced to steal money from his employer, so he hacks the money for the safe return of his wife and children.

  4. "Office Space." (1999) A group of male office workers decide to steal from a greedy boss. This hilarious comedy stars Jennifer Aniston.

  5. "Weekend at Bernie's." (1989) Though the comedy focuses on life after Bernie, the basis for the movie was a white collar crime. His two employees discover life insurance policy fraud after his death and work to uncover its root.

  6. "Trading Places." (1983) Starring Eddie Murphy and Dan Akroyd as two people forced to switch places by the Duk brothers. Randolph and Mortimer's wager results in a hilarious white collar crime movie.

  7. "Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room." (2005) A documentary regarding Enron's employee choice to use corrupt business practices to protect the company. Greed, drama and damage control all brought together in real life make this the biggest white collar crime to date.

  8. "Owning Mahowny." (2003) Starring Philip Seymour Hoffman as a bank manager with a gambling problem. Based on a true story, this white collar crime surprised many people who knew Mahowny.

  9. "Catch Me If You Can" (2002) Starring Leonardo Dicaprio as a con artist. Based on a true story, this white collar crime movie shows how gullible even the most educated people can be.

  10. "Rogue Trader." (1999) Based on a true story, Ewan McGregor successfully portrays Nick Leeson who jumps at a chance to work in his employer bank's branch where no one else wants to be stationed. Leeson uses his employer's funds to finance his lifestyle until his capture.