This is a list of ten best war drama movies. These movies demonstrate not only the courage and bravery soldiers must carry to fight but some of these movies demonstrate how war can civilians, and one film which has a dash of black comedy.

  1. "The Best Years of Our Lives." This war drama depicts three WW II veterans returning home and having to adjust to the changes their families and hometown. This film has a heartwarming sensibility on a difficult subject.

  2. "Patton." The film has one of the best opening sequences to a movie ever with actor George C. Scott portraying Patton delivering a speech not just to his soldiers but to the audience.

  3. "The Bridge On The River Kwai." Although the story is largely fictitious, it is just as captivating as a war drama based on real events.

  4. "The Hurt Locker." This Oscar-winning film stars Jeremy Renner portraying a soldier in a bomb squad unit stationed in Iraq. Based on the testimonials from real soldiers, they have said that this is the closest an audience member will ever get to feel what a soldier feels while they're on the job.

  5. "Defiance." This underrated war drama starring Daniel Craig tells the true story of the Bielsk Brothers who saved over 1,000 Jewish people by taking refuge in the Belarussian forests. This is an inspiring story of hope.

  6. "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas." This heartbreaking war drama tells the story of a German Officer's son who befriends a Jewish boy in a concentration camp located behind his house. The film shows that war can ultimately destroy a child's innocence.

  7. "Stalag 17." This terrific war drama takes place in a prisoner of war camp in Germany. The film is not about patriotism, it's about survival.

  8. "Sergeant York." This film, starring Gary Cooper, was inspired by the true story of Sergeant Alvin C. York who was a gifted marksman and helped capture German soldiers in WW I France.

  9. "Brothers." Although it is an American version of the Swedish original of the same name, Tobey Maguire delivers an amazing performance of a soldier suffering from Post-Dramatic Stress Disorder. Furthermore, the film also delivers a message about how important it is to take care of our veterans after they return home from serving their country.

  10. "Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb." Directed by Stanley Kubrick and starring Peter Sellers, this dramatic black comedy depicts a fictional nuclear war. It will make you laugh and make you a bit worrisome of who would be in charge if something as serious as this ever happened in real life.