The ten best Vietnamese drama movies demonstrate the strength, creativity and sometimes sheer luck that are required to build a happy, stable life. Whether they trace the effects of the Vietnam war, the reconciliation of children after their parents pass away, or the impact of Westernization on Vietnamese natives, these films are dramatic depictions of the struggles of life, and what it takes to overcome them.  

  1. “Vertical Ray of the Sun.” This Vietnamese drama follows three sisters as they make the decisions that keep them together and in their marriages. A strong story of true devotion and strength in times of hardship, “Vertical Ray of the Sun” is one of the ten best Vietnamese dramas.

  2. “The Beautiful Country.” This movie tells the tale of a Vietnamese child who wants nothing more than to meet his father. Taking viewers on a trip from Vietnam to New York to the deep American South, “The Beautiful Country” is a moving tale of needing and wanting to find out who you truly are. It is one of the best Vietnamese drama films.

  3. “When the Tenth Month Comes.” This film shows the Vietnam War from the viewpoint of a Vietnamese woman faced with caring for her family in its aftermath. In Vietnam, the tenth month contains the day of forgiveness. “When the Tenth Month Comes” is an emotional story of struggling to let go of anger and move on with life.

  4. “The Traveling Circus.” When a traveling circus enters a small Vietnamese town, the town’s inhabitants begin to believe that their wildest dreams can come true. A tale of love, devotion and desire, “The Traveling Circus” is one of the best Vietnamese drama movies.

  5. “Three Seasons.” This movie shows how Saigon’s change into a western city makes many of its inhabitants expatriates. A dramatic depiction of the effect of Westernization, “Three Seasons” is a great Vietnamese drama.

  6. “The Lover.” In this movie, a Vietnamese woman does not hesitate to show her power over her younger, foreign lover. But even though the two manage to overcome their struggles and stay together, they must face the fact that theirs is a relationships that society will never accept.

  7. “The Quiet American.” Despite the war raging around him, an American soldier cannot help but fall in love with the daughter of a British journalist. During the War’s climax, however, the three must determine how to handle destroying the world in which their relationships developed. This film shows what it meant to survive during the Vietnam War, making it one of the country’s best dramas.

  8. “Nostalgia for the Countryside.” When a woman returns home to the town she abandoned as a child, she does not find the warm, inviting world she imagined, but rather one filled with famine and greed. She must reconcile her dreams with reality, no matter what it means. This is a wonderful Vietnamese drama that will move even the most staid viewers.

  9.  “Spirits.” This Vietnamese movie investigates the idea of spirit and reincarnation in a modern-day world. When a struggling writer meets two women who embody both concepts, he must reconcile his view of the world with what he feels. “Sprits” is an enigmatic movie about the conflicts between reality and belief.

  10. Journey from the Fall.” The War was so long ago that the family in this film thought it could never come back to haunt them. But thirteen years after its end they are forced to immigrate to America. Can the family reconcile themselves to their new world and forgive the tragic circumstances that the War caused? “Journey from the Fall” is a wonderful Vietnamese drama movie.