The 10 best TV dramas ever produced span over the course of decades. From hospital dramas to action filled police and forensic shows, television viewing audiences have a pick from some of the best TV dramas known to mankind.

  1. "Thirtysomething"-  seven soon-to-be middle aged people graced the screen dealing with life's ups and downs in this ABC drama from the 1980's. Two married couples and three single friends dealt with financial crises, new babies in the house and eventually a marriage separation. These were events all viewers could relate to.

  2. "The Waltons"-  The series pilot to this family drama was a Christmas special in 1971. The show was televised from 1972 until 1981 with three more made for TV specials to come years later. The show took place in the Great Depression and viewers were dealing with financial difficulties during that era so a relation of hardship was made.

  3. "Law and Order"-  this TV show debuted in 1990, with franchise spin-offs over the years. The story lines gave viewers an in-depth look into basic law and court proceedings. Many of the story lines wer taken from current court cases in the public eye.

  4. "X-Files"-  this was a one-of-a-kind TV series that debuted in 1993 making the statement "The Truth Is Out There" famous. Dealing with paranormal  activity while the implications of extra-terrestrial was talked about, no one proved it until the big screen movie was released in 1998.

  5. "L.A. Law"- in 1986, NBC released the pilot concept of taking viewers inside the court room and behind the scenes in a lawyer's office. hot topics of the late 80's and early 90's were explored including abortion, AIDS and sexual harassment.  The show even touched the lives of special needs actors when Bennie Stulwitz (Larry Drake) joined the cast in 1987.

  6. "NYPD Blue"-  over the last five decades, TV has been bombarded with police shows but NYPD Blue stands out in this category. This best TV police drama ever is due to because it dealt with the police personnel on a more personal level. Alcoholism, late life pregnancy and internal love affairs showed viewers that police officers and court officers are real people.

  7. "House"-  this medical drama was released in 2004 starring Hugh Laurie as a genius medical doctor who has a unconventional and neurotic ways of dealing with patients and his coworkers. While the show has the normal inter-office romances floating around it also has phenomenal writers that keep viewers craving more.

  8. "ER"-  this medical drama has some of the same topics and scenarios as previous medical shows. What makes this one of the best TV dramas ever is the fact that the writers add humor into each story line. But what can one expect at a training hospital with an odd cast.

  9. "CSI"- no list of the best TV dramas ever made would be complete without the original crime scene forensic show. While most of the original cast has disappeared with Gil Grissom and Warrick Brown leaving for various reasons. the addition of new cast  members has not allowed the show to lose any of its drama.

  10. "The Sopranos"- New Jersey organized crime family man, Tony Soprano, would be thrille knowing his series is one of the best TV  dramas ever. The distinct New Jersey accents, locales and organized crime lingo is evident throughout the entire series which was believable.