Any of the 10 best true love movies can make a great romantic choice while enjoying an evening with your love. Here are the top ten movies that tell the story of finding “the one”:

  1. "Love Actually": This tells the story of love for ten different people. It follows ten different situations, and shows love in very different ways.

  2. "Pretty in Pink": What starts out as a woman being hired to entertain a man while he is on a business trip turns into an unlikely love. This is a pop culture classic movie.

  3. "50 First Dates": Love means for better or for worst. The man in this relationship has to continually remind his wife who they are because she has no short term memory capabilities. His willingness to stick by her shows true love.

  4. "When Harry Met Sally": Sometimes it takes years to realize that someone is the one. This movie shows that even after waiting a long time, love can still happen.

  5. "Ever After": This is Cinderella with a modern twist. Sometimes the small, quite not so popular girl does get the boy in the end.

  6. "My Big Fa Greek Wedding": Families are crazy. Especially when they are from clashing cultures. A love that can withstand family influences and come out standing strong—that’s true love.

  7. "Never Been Kissed": Sometimes you have to wait a long time to find that true love, but when it comes it’s oh so sweet. This movie will restore hope in those who long for love.

  8. "Princess Bride": This is one of the greatest love movies of all time. It’s the kind of movie you just need to watch to understand and appreciate.

  9. "Fireproof": Every marriage has its issues. Some may think they have reached the end. But when they step back and take the time to make things right, that’s when true love prevails.

  10. "Runaway Bride": Our body has a way of telling us we are not ready for things. And when we are, there is no denying it. This movie shows finally meeting the one and letting go-for real.

True love. It’s magical. These movies will give you those butterflies in your stomach, and make a perfec date night movie!