The 10 best true crime murder movies can be both educational and frightening at the same time. All these films detail dark moments in our history and shed light on important events. They’re also really entertaining films, and they prove that true life is often scarier than fiction.

  1. “Zodiac” – Director David Fincher tells the story of the unsolved Zodiac murders with a lot of style. The movie focuses a lot on the skills required to search for criminals in real life.

  2. “Monster” – This is one of the best true crime murder movies about a female killer. Actress Charlize Theron is amazing as the lead and her performance is the key to the film’s success.

  3. “The Deliberate Stranger” – This is actually a TV movie about serial murderer Ted Bundy. The acting and pacing are both fantastic, and the film is well made considering the TV budgeting.

  4. “Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer” – Unlike most of the other true crime murder movies on this list, “Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer” takes several liberties with the source material. It’s supposed to be about Henry Lee Lucas, but there is a lot of artistic license in terms of historical facts. The movie is incredibly brutal and surprisingly thought provoking.

  5. “Heavenly Creatures” – This is more focused on character development and interaction than most other true crime murder movies. It’s about two girls having a lesbian affair, and one decides to kill her own parents.

  6. “Bully” – This is one of the few true crime murder movies where all the killers are kids. It tells the story of a group of children who decide to get revenge on a class bully with unfortunate results.

  7. “Changeling” – This is one of the more confusing and mysterious true crime murder movies. It’s about a woman during The Great Depression whose son was kidnapped. The authorities tried to get her to accept an orphan child that wasn’t actually hers so they wouldn’t have to explain the kidnapping to the public.

  8. “Helter Skelter” – This is one of the best true crime murder movies that dealt with a high profile news story. The Charles Manson murders shocked the nation when they happened, and this movie is a very detailed examination of the case.

  9. “The Boston Strangler” – This is the oldest of the true crime murder movies on this list. It stars Tony Curtis, and it’s especially notable for some very interesting cinematic techniques, such as split-screen camera shots.

  10. “From Hell” – Very few real life murder mysteries are as famous as the Jack the Ripper cases.  This movie is easily the best take on that story, and it does the best job of making it truly frightening.