Many crime movies are somber and depressing, but the 10 best time crimes movies on this list are guaranteed to be exciting and fun. These crime movies will keep you on the edge of your seat and even make you laugh at times. Many of these films are considered classics within the crime genre.   

  1. "Reservoir Dogs" After a jewelry heist goes wrong, the six strangers hired by crime boss Joe Cabot try to figure out who the snitch in the group is. After reassembling at the rendezvous point, the criminals figure out that someone among them is an undercover police officer. When the police finally show up, they have a huge shootout and things get even worse.   

  2. "Oceans 11" This crime movie is a remake and features Brad Pitt and George Clooney. The movie follows the planning and execution of a casino robbery.  Given the star-studded cast, it is a surprisingly cohesive movie that doesn't feel forced.  

  3. "Inglourious Basterds" This irreverent World War II crime movie is set in Nazi-occupied France. It follows a group of American soldiers called "The Basterds" that scalp and savagely kill every Nazi that crosses their path. Their only assignment during the war is to spread fear through the Nazi regime.  Despite the war-time setting, the movie is actually quirky and fun to watch.  

  4. "Bonnie and Clyde" Set during the Great Depression, this crime movie follows real-life criminals Bonnie and Clyde. They rob banks for a living, but the fun doesn't last forever. After all the good times, they eventually get brutally gunned down by the police. 

  5. "Sherlock Holmes" Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson hunt down the notorious serial killer and sorcerer, Lord Blackwood. The movie is a huge departure from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's character, but this crime movie doesn't disappoint. The fight scenes are excellent and the crime solving antics are quite engaging. 

  6. "Catch Me If You Can" Leonardo DiCaprio plays a con-artist who enjoys posing as an airline pilot, lawyer and anything else he can get away with impersonating in this complex crime movie. He eventually gets caught by the FBI, but he gets a nice job out of it instead of jail time.   

  7. "Pulp Fiction" What do two hitmen, an aging boxer and the wife of a mob boss have in common? They all have Los Angeles kingpin Marcellus Wallace in common. This intelligent crime movie weaves together the lives of all these people and tells an interesting story from different viewpoints. The cast includes John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, Uma Thurman and Bruce Willis.

  8. "The Usual Suspects" Five random career criminals are brought together in a police lineup after a truck is hijacked in New York. Since none of the guys were involved, they want revenge for being falsely accused of the crime. They hatch a scheme to get revenge on the police, but realize that a criminal mastermind is influencing their efforts.  

  9. "The Pink Panther" The Pink Panther diamond is stolen and only the clueless Inspector Clouseau can catch the thief. Peter Sellers stars as the French  Inspector Clouseau in this hilarious caper comedy.

  10. "The Great Train Robbery" Based on Michael Crichton's book, this crime movie is a fun look into the planning and execution of a gold robbery aboard a train.  The story takes place in England during the Crimean War and involves a large gold shipment destined for Paris.