The ten best thrillers of 2008 have vastly different plot lines that will keep you in suspense. Some movies are remakes, while others are original stories. All of the movies will keep you entertained the entire way through, which is refreshing. Serial killers, demons, monsters, and unexplained forces are topics covered in the ten best thrillers of 2008.

  1. "The Strangers." This is one of the ten best thrillers of 2008 because the sparse talking throughout the movie helps the suspense. The movie is based on a couple being stalked, and tortured inside their house by three masked strangers. The masks worn are doll like, which adds to the creepiness of the 2008 thriller.

  2. "Untraceable." The movie focuses on a serial killer showcasing murders online. This thriller follows FBI agent Marsh as she tries to locate the untraceable website source. This is one of the ten best thrillers because how fast the murders occur depends on the number of hits the site gets.

  3. "Amusement." The 2008 thriller has three different story lines that sync up at the end. The movie revolves around the abduction and torture of three girls by a clown masked killer. The twist ending is great, which reveals why the seemingly random abductions are not so random.

  4. "The Happening." The story revolves around a family trying to get out of town because at unstoppable crisis begins. The twist ending makes this one of the ten best thrillers of 2008.

  5. "One Missed Call." One of the ten best thrillers of 2008 is the remake of a Japanese movie. Friends receive phone messages of their own horrifying deaths. The phone messages are received days before their actual deaths, and all of the predictions start coming true. The revelation of how and why the phone calls happen is why this is an amazing 2008 thriller.

  6. "Lakeview Terrace." Released in September 2008, this thriller is about a young interracial couple that move next door to a disapproving police officer. The police officer starts harassing the couple until they finally fight back. This is one of the ten best 2008 thrillers because of the officer's increasingly strange tactics to make life for the couple unbearable.

  7. "Cloverfield." Released in 2008, the thriller is about a monster attack in New York. The movie is shot from the view point of five friends that video tape the ordeal. The camera work is shaky since one of the characters is supposed to be filming, but seeing it through their eyes adds to the thrills. The monster revelation at the end is why this is one of the ten best 2008 thrillers. 

  8. "Dark Floors." This movie keeps you guessing until the end, which is why it's one of the ten best thrillers from 2008. The story is about a group getting trapped in a hospital elevator, and released onto an abandoned floor with monsters. The demons are played by Finnish band Lordi, and their make-up and special effects is flawless.

  9. "Saw V." One of the ten best thrillers of 2008 is the fifth installment in the popular thriller franchise "Saw." The 2008 thriller picks up where the previous movie leaves off, and Hoffman is left to carry on Jigsaws work. This movie brings suspense, thrills, gore, and new torture games for audiences to enjoy watching. 

  10. "Teeth." High school student Dawn has a really unique aspect to her body, she has teeth located in her vagina. Dawn tries to cope with her new found sexuality, and while doing so males get hurt. The premise may seem absurd, but the movie plot is definitely unique and memorable.

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