The ten best thriller movies of 2009 are films that will send chills down your spine. Some of the movies are remakes of old classics, while others bring new and unique story lines to the genre. If looking to watch a movie with suspenseful thrills, one of these ten best thriller movies of 2009 will not disappoint.

  1. "paranormal activity." After moving into a new house, a couple starts experiencin paranormal activity at night. The thriller movie only has five cast members, which keeps the plot simple, and effective. This is one of the ten best thriller movies of 2009 because of the realistic vibe the film gives off.

  2. "The Last House on the Left." One of the ten best thriller movies of 2009 is a remake of a Wes Craven' movie with the same name. The movie starts with two girls getting raped and left for dead by a group of strangers. The plot takes a turn when the group unknowingly seek shelter from the rain at one of the girl's parents house. The parents exact revenge once they realize what happened.

  3. "Orphan." The movie is about a couple adopting a sweet young girl from an orphanage, and once Esther is home she brings chaos to the family. There is nothing better than a thriller with an amazing twist ending, and this 2009 movie has just that. You will never see the twist at the end coming.

  4. "The Stepfather." This 2009 movie is a remake of the 1987 thriller with the same name. If you saw the original, you will like the remake because the setting is up to date, as are the effects. The plot revolves around a serial killer who marries into a family, then kills them off.

  5. "District 9." The 2009 thriller is about an extraterrestrial race stranded on Earth and forced to live in a military guarded slum. A government agent is exposed to a mysterious virus that begins changing him into having alien DNA. This is one of the best 2009 thrillers because the unique story line is action packed, and shows aliens in a good light.

  6. "Jennifer's Body." One of the ten best thriller movies of 2009 stars Megan Fox as high school student possessed by a demon. She brings the term "man eater" to a new level because the demon inside her body feeds on men. The movie is entertaining the whole way through, and actor Adam Brody brings comic relief with his character.

  7. "Zombieland." Perfectly mixing suspenseful thrills with comedy is why "Zombieland" is one of the ten best thriller movies of 2009. After zombies overtake the world, strangers team up to try and stay alive. Throughout the movie rules of surviving zombie attacks are even explained.

  8. "Friday the 13th." The 2009 remake of the 1980 classic thriller brings present day generations the horror of Jason. Crystal Lake never has a good summer when Jason is around to kill off teenagers with his razor-shar machete. This is one of the ten best thriller movies of 2009 because it's a new spin on an old classic.

  9. "The Uninvited." One of the ten best thriller movies of 2009 is about a girl who suffers a breakdown and loses some memories after her mom dies. Anna and her sister try to prove their fathers new fiance was responsible for their mothers death. A great twist ending occurs when Anna starts recovering her memory.

  10. "Sorority Row." This 2009 thriller is about sorority girls that cause an accidental death when pulling a prank. After getting away with no one finding out, it comes back to haunt them when a mysterious person is out for revenge. This is one of the ten best thriller movies of 2009 because up and coming actresses Audrina Patridge, and Rumer Willis act surprisingly well. 

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