Horror movies have been growing in popularity rapidly over the years since the 80's, that is why we have put together a list of the 10 best thriller horror movies so far in history. 

  1. "Resident Evil." The "Resident Evil" series has become a favorite of many horror/thriller fans everywhere. "Resident Evil" mixes the love of zombies, gore, and action to create a horrifying thriller to adore for years to come. 

  2. "Psycho." The classic movie "Psycho" is said to have been one of the pioneer movies that created the horror/thriller genre. "Psycho" will make you squeamish, scream, and jump.  

  3. "Scream." The "Scream" series is best known for its stalker killer that plays with his victims before murdering them. The original "Scream" killer had a knowledge of many different horror tactics, so you know this movie's twisted ways will never disappoint.  

  4. "Saw." The "Saw" epidemic took many horror fans by storm when the killer named "Jigsaw" began testing his "victims" in torturing ways. The "Saw" series will make you grind your teeth to the gums with its horrifying torturing tests of character. 

  5. "28 Days Later." The movie "28 days later" is about the aftermath of a killer virus that spread in the UK. Squeeze back in your seat as far as you can as you watch the main characters attempt to find safety from the rest of the infected world. 

  6. "Halloween." "Halloween" is best known as the horrifying movie starring the ruthless killer, Michael Myers. This thriller/horror movie is gory and twisted, making it a favored movie among film lovers everywhere. 

  7. "Blade." "Blade" is a thrilling horror flick about a half human, half vampire on a mission to wipe out the vampire race. "Blade," though not as popular now in 2010, was a favorite action horror movie among action, horror, and vampire fans alike when the movie was first released in 1998.

  8. "Last House on the Left." Originally filmed in 1972, the movie, "The Last House on the Left" was such a hit when it was first made, they made a remake of the horrifying tale of kidnap and twisted murder in 2009 to bring back the hype. 

  9. "Alien." The movie "Alien" is a classic horror/thriller/sci-fi movie that is still loved today for its agile aliens hunting humans, using them to reproduce and feed. 

  10. "Predator." "Predator" is just as popular as "Alien", thanks to the collision of the two series called "Alien vs. Predator." Aside from the mash up, "Predator" was a popular fast paced horror flick made notorious by actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. The "Predator" series is based on aliens that come to earth to hunt humans for game.