The 10 best Thai romance movies show the lighter and more serious sides of true love. Whether making audiences laugh or bringing them to tears, these movies teach every viewer what it means to truly love another individual. Despite setbacks, deaths or forbidden relationships, the characters in each of these movies has a life changing experience that just might change watcher’s perceptions about dedicating your life to another person.

  1. Blissfully Yours” This romantic Thai movie won accolades for it’s originally at the 2002 Cannes Film Festival. The plot tells the tale of an affair that begins with a weekend getaway at the Thai-Burmese border. “Blissfully Yours” depicts the depth of true love with an uncanny ability seen in very few other movies.

  2. Metrosexual” In this fun Thai film, four woman plan a series of schemes to find out whether their male roommate is homosexual. Fun and light, but still treating love seriously, this Thai romance movie is one of the best.

  3. Fake” In this Thai movie three roommates chase after the lady of their dreams, only to learn that all three of them want the same woman. “Fake” concentrates on the pitfalls that can sometimes accompany love. It is one of the best Thai Romance Movies.

  4. The Siam Renaissance” In this Thai film a diplomat travels back in time to the period when Rama IV ruled to research the meaning of recently discovered documents pertaining to ancient Thai civilization. While there she falls for an official in Rama’s administration. Will she stay with her lover or return to her world? “The Siam Renaissance” is a blend of believable science fiction and romance, and for that it one of the most creative Thai romance movies of all time.

  5. Tropical Malady” This romantic movie tells the tale of forbidden homosexual love in Thailand and a folk legend that threatens their relationship. The way “Tropical Malady” handles love erases any discomfort that could arise from the same-sex relationship. For shedding light on the sameness of all love despite differences in its participants, “Tropical Malady” is one of the best Thai romance movies.

  6. The Letter” This romantic drama follows a widow after the death of her husband. Prior to his death he wrote letters to his wife to give her the courage and strength to go on with her life after he was gone. “The Letter” is a traditional, moving love tale, and is a great Thai romance film.

  7. Dear Dakanda” When two friends fall in love but one refuses to date romantically, it seems that their friendship is over. Once separated, though, they are brought back together by the realization that nothing can destroy true love. “Dear Dakanda” is one of the best Thai romantic movie.

  8. Delivery Sexy Love” This sweet romantic comedy follows a young man who, being down on his luck, tries to find a way to impress the woman who has stolen his heart. For showing the lighter side of love, “Delivery Sexy Love” is a wonderful Thai romance movie.

  9. The Memory” An injured singer is brought by residents of a rural town to heal. Having amnesia, he knows nothing of himself. This provides the perfect opportunity for the singer’s enemy to take advantage of him, but the ill superstar isn’t responding to his taunts. Is it possible that the singer’s accident has changed his ability to hate? “The Memory” is a intriguing Thai movie.

  10. The Love of Siam” This film follows the simultaneously burgeoning love of four family members. When released in 2007 its inclusion of teenage homosexual love shocked viewers, but its handling of the issue soon garnered it acclaim for the graceful way it showed the similarities between all loves, regardless of the participants’ gender. “The Love of Siam” is a wonderful Thai film that should not be missed.