The 10 best Thai movie dramas focus on love and loss, ambition and failure, strength and betrayal. Each of the characters in these movies face seemingly insurmountable struggles to obtain what, or who, they want. The emotions and situations in these movies are easily identified with, making it impossible for audiences to disassociate themselves from them.

  1. The Jade and the Pearl” As a Thai princess travels across the country to marry a prince, she is surprised to find herself falling in love with the captain of her military escort. Her status and betrothal prevent the two from being together, but when bandits attack her entourage, they find themselves wondering whether their love might be worth giving up everything else for. Romantic and dramatic, “The Jade and the Pearl” is one of the best Thai drama movies.

  2. Transistor Love Story” This Thai film follows a young man as he struggles to follow his dream. Through memories of the gift of a transistor radio he gave his wife, he reminisces about the times when dreams still seemed achievable. “Transistor Love Story” is an emotional Thai drama that shares the anguish of missing what could have been.

  3. Butterfly Man” This Thai film follows an even-keeled English backpacker as he encounters and falls in love with a mysterious Thai woman. The character’s love is almost too strong, and their struggles end up destroying his life and his heart. “Butterfly Man” is one of the best Thai dramas of all time.

  4. Song for Chao Phraya” A tale of love, dreams, ambition and loss, this Thai dramatic film follows three workers as they struggle to free themselves from their unexciting lives. This movie shows what it takes to succeed, and how little it takes to fail. “Song for Chao Phraya” is one of the best Thai drama movies.

  5. Bang Rajan” This Thai movie follows the perilous fight of Thai villagers as they try to repel invading Burmese troops – without assistance from the royal family. Soon, entire villages and not just warriors are involved, and the results are disastrous. “Bang Rajan” is a great Thai film that portrays the true faith and determination of warriors protecting their country and family.

  6. Hotel Angel” This dramatic movie tells the tale of a woman sold into slavery who resigns herself to her fate. Rather than wallow in her anger or fight against her captors, she decides to make herself successful. “Hotel Angel” depicts the strength it sometimes takes to turn a terrifying situation into a triumph.

  7. Plae Chow; The Scar” This Thai film follows two peasants through their tragically romantic story. A true story of how love is lost, hindered, accepted and prevented, this film received many awards when first released in 1971. “The Scar” is one of the best Thai movies of all time.

  8. The Elephant Keeper” The tale of a protective animal’s spirit is the foundation for this movie. Presented as a tale of the narrator’s first job, “The Elephant Keeper” portrays the bonds that develop between animals and humans. “The Elephant Keeper” is a moving portrait of what it means to love and protect another.

  9. Dang Bireley’s and Young Gangsters” This Thai crime drama follows the rise to power, and all too short deaths, of some of Thailand’s most notorious gangsters. Parallels between the gangster’s lives and those of their predecessors show how nothing lasts forever. This movie is one of the best Thai drama films.

  10. Kang Lang Phap” In this film, two lovers are unable to be together because of one’s refusal to leave her unhappy marriage for fear of social persecution. Although they manage to exchange letters over the years, their relationship dwindles with time. Just when it seems over, however, they reenter each other’s lives. For showing how deep the bonds of true friendship and love can run, “Kang Lang Phap” is one of the best Thai movie dramas.