These 10 best Thai love movies will have you laughing, crying, and falling in love. Curl up on the couch and have a romance movie fest with your best friends. You’ll have a lot to chat about when you watch these love stories

  1. “Uang: Lady of the Forest and City.” A naked forest dweller is in for a major lifestyle change when she moves to the city where her long lost family lives. Romance ensues as she learns the ropes of a new world.

  2. “Ocean Butterfly.” Wan is a very special girl-she’s able to live underwater. She soon falls in love with Tan who supports her with her newfound discoveries and abilities.

  3. “Damned Life.” They say that those who live in a ghetto live a damned life. This movie is a tragic love story of Tom and Reusi who live in the slums of Thailand. The couple struggles through infidelity but discover the real love they have for one another.

  4. “Bangkok Traffic (Love) Story.” Mei Li is 30-years-old and she still doesn’t have a husband. The movie is full of laughs as we follow Mei Li on her search for someone to love.

  5. “Last Love.” In 1974, this movie stirred up a commotion for telling the story of an older woman falling in love with a younger man. Nevertheless, the movie was so touching that it garnered a remake in 2003.

  6. “Transistor Love Story.” This feel-good movie is about going after what you love. Pan chases after someone he falls in love with at first sight but is also after his dream to sing in a band. Needless to say, the silly hero is able to achieve both.

  7. “Loveaholic.” Rong is feeling deep regret when his wife passes away in a freak accident shortly after the two had a major argument. He wallows in his guilt and remorse until he starts seeing random things repositioning themselves in his house. Could it be Daeng’s spirit?

  8. “Me…Myself.” After a coincidental turn of events, Oom finds herself caring for a man who has amnesia. Even though she has to deal with this unexpected stranger in home, he soon becomes a very important person in her life.

  9. “Blissfully Yours.” This movie follows the relationship between a young Thai lady and a Burmese immigrant who illegally entered Thailand. Plenty of sexual tension is released as they celebrate their romance, but the Burmese military is not about to let the immigrant get away with his illegal entry.

  10. “Sexphone & the Lonely Wave.” When Jay accidentally speaks sexually on air, the radio DJ who hears her is instantly in love. When he realizes that Jay is actually his annoying neighbor, it’ll take more than love at first sight for the relationship to blossom.