The 10 best teen chick flicks deal with high school anxieties and the pressures of adolescence, but they often take a look at the humor behind these topics. The following movies are all chick flicks, but they contain richer, cleverer characters than most girl-geared films. Choose one of these movies if you don’t want to watch a fluffy, unbearable chick flick with your girlfriend.

  1. “10 Things I Hate About You” This teen chick flick contains a tough, wisecracking heroine played by Julia Stiles, who meets her match with a bad boy Aussie played by the magnetic Heath Ledger. The movie is full of edgy humor and borrows its premise from Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew.”

  2. “Heathers” A very dark teen comedy, this chick flick stars Winona Ryder as an outsider to the popular clique of cruel girls all named “Heather.” Things soon spiral out of control when Ryder’s character meets another misfit, played by Christian Slater. Soon, they’re killing off each girl one-by-one, and it all manages to remain funny.

  3. “Juno” This movie deals with teen pregnancy and one girl’s maternal journey in an endearing and hilarious manner. Ellen Page plays a precocious teen who finds herself knocked up, courtesy of a schoolmate played by Michael Cera. Her blunt statements and strange predicaments make this an untraditional, well-made teen chick flick.

  4. “Romeo + Juliet” Shakespeare’s classic story of young love is modernized by Baz Luhrmann and stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes. The two play lovesick teenagers, who speak in Shakespearian tones, but live in a Los Angeles-like beach setting. 

  5. “Sixteen Candles” Molly Ringwald heads this classic teen chick flick. The movie is not as cheesy as “Pretty in Pink” and much more guy friendly. The film shows her dysfunctional family, which includes meddling grandparents and a foreign exchange student.

  6. “Say Anything” Another iconic ‘80s movie, “Say Anything” features John Cusack as a teenager with a serious crush on a high school schoolmate. To proclaim his love, he holds a boom box up in front of her, blaring “In Your Eyes.” Movie moments don’t get much more memorable, and the scene provides a great moment of unspoken romance without all the mushy dialogue men hate.

  7. “Clueless” Alicia Silverstone shines as a ditzy but lovable Valley Girl in this best teen chick flick. The movie is smarter than it may first appear and contains a plot based on the classic novel, “Emma.”

  8. “Mean Girls” The script for this satiric movie was written by Tina Fey, and it shows. The teen chick flick successfully makes light of all the cattiness of high school and ridicules the “popular” crowd. Lindsay Lohan also stars in the film at a time when she had a legitimate career.

  9. “Never Been Kissed” Drew Barrymore appears in this teen chick flick as an awkward reporter who gets the chance to redo high school by going undercover as a student. Romance and ridiculous antics ensue. The movie may be meant for women’s eyes, but it does provide good humor and a lot of scenes with Jessica Alba in skimpy clothes.

  10. “Grease” This 1970’s high school musical is about good girl Sandy and her romance cut short with greaser Danny. The teen chick flick might seem too pure for men, but the movie does actually contain some edgy adult humor mixed into the high school story.