If you’re a fan of TDrama or TWDrama, be sure to check out these 10 best Taiwanese dramas. Taiwanese drama refers to television programs that dramatize relationships through a series of episodes. Romantic comedies are common in Taiwanese drama, as many of the following titles show.

  1. “Miss No Good.” “Miss No Good” is a Taiwanese television drama starring Rainie Yang, Will Pan, and Tatsuo Dean Fujioka. The 2008 romantic comedy follows the adventures of an effervescent Taiwanese girl with her own sense of style.

  2. “Hot Shot.” “Hot Shot” is a 2008 Taiwanese drama about a coach determined to revive her school’s basketball team. Starring Jerry Yan, Show Luo, and Wu Chun, this television series is very popular in several Asian countries, including Taiwan, China, and Japan.

  3. “Full Count.” “Full Count” is a 2007 Taiwanese TV drama starring Andy Chen, Zhao Hong Qiao, and Sun Xie Zhi. The series is a baseball-themed romantic drama adapted from a popular online novel.

  4. “Knock Knock Loving You.” “Knock Knock Loving You” is a romantic Taiwanese drama starring Dylan Kuo, Maggie Woo, and Ming Dao. In this 2009 TV series, a man must learn to become a shrewd businessman when his father’s company goes bankrupt.

  5. “You’re My Destiny.” “You’re My Destiny” or “Fated To Love You” is a 2008 romantic comedy starring Ching-Tien Juan, Qiao En Chen, and Chu-he Chen. It tells the story of a plain ordinary girl who marries a handsome wealthy man when she becomes pregnant during their one night stand.

  6. “Down With Love.” “Down With Love” is a popular 2010 Taiwanese television drama. The romantic comedy stars Jerry Yan and Ella Chen. It follows the lives of a divorce lawyer, his brother’s orphaned children, and the nanny who takes care of them.

  7. “ToGetHer.” “ToGetHer,” also known as “Superstar Express,” is a 2009 romantic comedy starring Jiro Wang and Rainie Yang. It follows a mega-star whose popularity takes a nosedive after negative publicity. Forced to downsize his life, he rents a room from an agoraphobic woman who happens to be one of his old classmates.

  8. “Wayward Kenting.” “Wayward Kenting” is a 2008 Taiwanese drama starring Li Kang Yi, Eddie Pang Yu Yan, and Niu Cheng Ze. The story centers on two surfers who spend their days in the southern city of Kenting, a popular vacation spot in Taiwan.

  9. “Coming Lies.” “Coming Lies” is 2005 Taiwanese television drama starring Samm Hung, Terri Kwan, and Dylan Kuo. It centers on two frauds who eventually fall in love with each other.

  10. “Rolling Love.” “Rolling Love” is a 2008 Taiwanese drama starring Huang Wan Bo, Genie Cho, and Albee Huang. This hilarious romantic comedy centers on a world-famous chef and a local cook who are both in love with the same girl.