This article will highlight the 10 best Taiwanese drama movies that you should see. Drama movies can also have elements of comedy, action, or thrills. Check out this list of 10 of the best Taiwanese drama movies for your enjoyment.

  1. "Scent Of Love" (2009). This is a Taiwanese drama/love story about a man with a recurring dream of love, and a strong sense of smell. After his sense of smell leads him to the woman of his dreams, he is determined to win her love.

  2. "Channel X" (2010). This is a whodunit drama/mystery. The movie is about a Taiwanese news reporter who while being framed for the murder of his girlfriend, teams-up with his tabloid foe to uncover the truth about the crime.

  3. "Sword Stained With Royal Blood" (2011). This is a Taiwanese epic drama. It is the saga of a son, who while on a journey to avenge the murder of his father, unknowingly finds love in the daughter of the Emperor he seeks to kill.

  4.  "My Prince" (2007). This Taiwanese movie is about an overbearing and greedy mother. The drama always unfolds in this family which is run by a mother who will do anything for her four handsome sons and money.

  5. "Gloomy Salad Days" (2010). This is a Taiwanese teenage drama. The story follows a teen boy, who because of a brain tumor can see a dead girl that no one else can. Through their friendship, he is able to understand the transition from life to death.

  6. "The M Riders" (2010). This is an action/drama. The story follows a group of Taiwanese teenagers with special gifts, who are removed from society so that they can be trained to do the honorable jobs of an M Rider.

  7. "Lavender" (2001). This is a drama about a friendship. It is the story of a Taiwanese girl and a boy who a separated when the girl moves to America. When they meet ten years later, the two fall in love, but must deal with the fact that the man has a girlfriend now.

  8. "Brown Sugar Macchiato" (2007). This drama centers around nine very differen brothers, and an inheritance. The brothers share the same father, but they don't know each other. Now they must get along in the same house and school for a year, in order to get their inheritance. Will they be able to?

  9. "Express Boy" (2005). This drama is about second chances in life. The movie is about an ex-con who starts a package delivery service to get away from his past gang life, and he even employs a group of misfit ex-cons to help him get the job done.

  10. "Hot Shot" (2008). This Taiwanese movie is a sports/drama. The plot follows a female teacher who runs into problems when she takes on the job of basketball coach in a school that prides itself on academic excellence and frowns on sports.