10 Best Suspense Movies Of All Time

Saturday, April 2 by Layla Sinclair

The 10 best suspense movies of all time have intricate plots, a great deal of mystery, and surprising disclosures. The films below contain many classic films, along with some more contemporary suspense thrillers. These movies are great for dates, since they often contain romance, mixed with heart-pounding scenes that will make your girl cuddle in a bit closer.

  1. “Vertigo” This Hitchcock film is easily one of the best suspense movies of all time due to its complex story and shocking finale. James Stewart plays a cop with a serious case of vertigo. He takes on a private case involving a beautiful, but mysterious woman, played by Kim Novak. His infatuation with her takes him into dark, thrilling territory.
  2. “Inception” A recent suspense movie, this Christopher Nolan movie is guaranteed to become a classic. Leonard DiCaprio plays a man who breaks into people’s dreams. Along with a diverse crew of experts, he tries to plant an idea into a rich heir’s unconsciousness. His dead wife, however, continues to physically haunt him in his dream states. This movie will have your sitting on the edge of your seat for the entire film.
  3. “Taxi Driver” Robert DeNiro plays an unstable character pushed to the brink in this best suspense movie of all time. Martin Scorsese directs this gritty thriller about a taxi driver who must constantly view the underbelly of New York City. He lashes out finally in an unforgettable scene.
  4. “Rear Window” Hitchcock was the king of suspense, so it’s no surprise that another one of his films makes the list. James Stewart appears again, this time as an invalid forced to remain wheelchair-bound in his city apartment. There, he watches his neighbors for fun, until he witnesses what could be a murder across the street. The suspense builds from there, leading up to a riveting scene that features Grace Kelly trapped with a killer. 
  5. “No Country for Old Men” This Coen Brothers film is one the most suspenseful movies due its ruthless villain, played by Javier Bardem. His methodical killings and emotionless state will leave you pinned to your seat. The movie’s quiet interludes only further augment the suspense.
  6. “The Silence of the Lambs” This movie from the ‘90s has spawned plenty of sequels, but the original is still the very best and is a great suspense movie. Anthony Hopkins sends shivers down audience’s spines as Hannibal Lector, the serial killer and cannibal. Jodie Foster plays a tough rookie cop on the hunt for another murderer.
  7. “The Game” Michael Douglas stars in this thriller as a wealthy, no-nonsense businessman who in taken for a surprise when he receives a “game” from his brother (Sean Penn). Suddenly, he must question every action around him, unsure if it’s chance or the workings of this mysterious game. One of the best suspense movies, it will keep you guessing until the very end.
  8. “North By Northwest” Yet another great Hitchcock suspense movie, this film stars Cary Grant as a man who is the victim of mistaken identity. He finds himself pursued by multiple people and meets a mysterious blonde beauty, played by Eva Marie Saint. The mystery ends up taking Grant’s character all the way to Mount Rushmore.
  9. “Seven” This David Fincher thriller is one of the best and most dark suspense movies. Morgan Freeman plays a veteran cop who is paired with a brash newbie, played by Brad Pitt. They take on the case of a serial killer, who orchestrates murders around the seven deadly sins. As the murder count rises, the movie builds toward an unbelievable finale.
  10. “The Usual Suspects” Another suspense movie with a surprise ending, this movie revolves around the mystery behind the elusive Keyser Soze. Criminals are taken in by the police for questioning as the audience must deduce who's guilty for which crimes.
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