The 10 best suspense movies of 2007 include something for everyone from missing children to vanishing wives involved in a witches convent. Pop the popcorn, grab a blanket and prepare for the best nail-biters of 2007.

  1. “Tenderness” "Tenderness" is based on a novel written by Robert Cormier. This movie is a psychological crime drama about an obsessed police officer hunting a dangerous killer. The suspected killer is a young high school student accused of slaughtering both his parents. The killer goes on the run while in search of someone he met in a juvenile detention center.

  2. “Sister’s Keeper” This movie is about Jacob Tate, a military trained assassin who is trying to get out of the business, but has a “target” to take care of first—a schoolteacher in a small town who makes the mistake that the assassin is her long lost brother. There are missing mothers, trained assassins, violent family bloodlines and a whole lot of lying in this must-see suspense.

  3. “Hidden Camera” Dan Kovacs's brother is killed and the reporter vows to find the truth surrounding his brother's murder case. His brother was involved in an international counterfeiting ring that was making a perfected $100 bill. Kovacs ends up being chased by Interpol and government agencies with intentions of preventing him from breaking the story about the murder.

  4. “Hush Little Baby” After her daughter drowns, Jamie Ashford learns she is pregnant with another child, but the child she is carrying may be an evil incarnate. After giving birth to her daughter, Caitlin, tragedies begin to occur and the new mother begins to suspect her newborn is possessed by a malevolent sprit responsible for the ongoing tragedies.

  5. “Trade Routes” A female CIA agent attempts to make a deal with a political officer to the prime minister. The deal is explosive and could backfire and be the cause of demise for all of those involved in the deal.

  6. “Under Still Waters” An alcoholic and her husband accidentally run a man off the road. The couple take the man to their cottage for him to rest while waiting for help to come. Throughout the night, the cabin becomes unsafe and several secrets that could damage the couple's marriage are revealed.

  7. “Funny Games” A family goes to their summer cabin when two psychotic men show up at the remote location. There are life and death struggles, some of which are extremely violent. This movie has been named as one of the most controversial works of a remake.

  8. “The Gathering” A surgeon whose wife suddenly vanishes finds out that his wife might have been involved with a group of witches that are plotting world domination. While searching for his wife he learns a variety of disturbing news surrounding her. The movie is filled with strange occurrences and black magic.

  9. “Marked” While seeking to find the person who murdered her father, a paranormal researcher becomes obsessed with the supernatural. The more clues to the murder they search for, the more threatening messages from beyond the other side become.

  10. “Gone Baby Gone” This film is based on the novel “Mystic River” written by Dennis Lehane. The movie follows two detectives as they search for a missing little girl. Throughout the search, everything is completely different than it appears to be and they encounter several dangerous people and environments.