The list of the 10 best short films about love include movies that are variously touching, sweet, and disturbing. A short film has a unique dynamic in that it has a different timeframe in which it can tell its story, causing plot structures that are unfamiliar. In addition, because they are generally not required by a studio to make tens of millions, creators of such films are able to take risks and do things that are unexpected.

  1. “West Bank Story.” This short film about love takes a twist on “West Side Story”—which itself is a twist on “Romeo and Juliet”—and is set amidst the Israeli-Palestinian tension. The movie is fun and light, given the potentially heavy content.

  2. “Mermaid.” This short film about love is an animated effort from Russia. In this story, a young monk saved a naked woman from a thawing river. The monk begins to fall for her, but an elder monk tells him she is actuall the spirit of a girl he himself had betrayed when younger, disappointing the young man and angering the mermaid.

  3. “Wasp.” This British short film about love is also about the seeking of love by a woman, in spite of her own children’s welfare. The down-on-her-luck Zoe goes to meet a new man at a pub, bringing her children a long and leaving them outside to fend for themselves while she gets to know her date.

  4. “7:35 in the Morning.” This movie has a twisted view on love, and is about a suicide bomber who sings a song to a woman every day at 7:35. If people in the shop don’t follow a pre-recorded script, he will blow them up. It’s one of the best short films about love, even if love is expressed in an odd way. It’s a great example of what this genre can do with a love story.

  5. “Johnny Flynton.” This is a tragically sad movie, but one of the best short films about love. Flynton is a boxer who has little going for him and clearly has some issues from his past. After taking some cheap shots in the ring he goes home to his pregnant wife in a bad mood. Though he loves her, things do not go well.

  6. “Lieberman in Love.” In this movie, the 1996 Oscar winner for best live action short, the great Danny Aiello plays Joe, and he meets a prostitute for whom he is fond. He pays her to hang around and give him advice. Eventually he meets a woman more his speed…but who is unfortunately married.

  7. “This Charming Man.” This movie, one of the best short films about love, is told from the perspective of a number different women, each of whom is in love with the same man.

  8. “The Appointments of Dennis Jenkins.” This movie won the 1988 Oscar for best live action short and is one of the best short films about love. A drifting daydreamer is in love with his girlfriend, but they’re both very dull. He begins seeing a shrink, but then finds his girlfriend sleeping with him, so he kills him.

  9. “Just Another Love Story.” This story is about a man and his wife, and the events that happen after the wife goes into a coma following a car crash. When she comes to her memory is erased and she thinks her husband is an exotic new boyfriend. To make her happy, he plays the part.

  10. “A Lavatory Lovestory.” This animated film is about a female public toilet attendant who dreams about a romantic life. One day instead of coins a bouqet appears in her slot. The film follows her efforts to find out who left them.