Every now and then you just need a good cry, and what better way than by watching one of the 10 best sad romantic movies? Whether it be death, heartbreak, divorce, or family differences, these movies are guaranteed to get some tears out of you:

  1. "Titanic" We all know the terrible true story, and what happens on this doomed ship, but it makes it even more heart wrenching watching Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Rose (Kate Winselt) fall in love.

  2. "Gone With The Wind"  A classic case of wanting what you can't have, and not realizing what (or who) you really want until it's too late. Scarlett (Vivien Leigh) and Rhett (Clark Gable) burn up the screen with their chemistry, and the break your heart with their differences.

  3. "The Notebook"  One of the best sad romantic movies ever made, two people test how great their love really is.

  4. "A Walk To Remember" A strange story of how opposites attract, and how one person can change your life forever.

  5. "I Dreamed Of Africa" The tragedies just keep coming in this one, but they are very equal to the love and happiness. This movie is a real tear jerker.

  6. "Bridges of Madison County" A lonely Italian housewife meets a National Geographer photographer and spend four days together. Bittersweet to the end, this is a beautiful movie.

  7. "Sleepless In Seattle" A modern day classic, a widower's son sets him up with a therapist on the radio and the sparks fly.

  8. "Casablanca" Two former lovers meet again in World War II, and must choose between "love and virtue".

  9. "Ghost" A story of how love transcends all, this is one of the best sad romantic movies in recent history.

  10. "Romeo And Juliet" Even though we all know what happens to these two star crossed lovers, it never ceases to pull at the heartstrings. Shakespeare knew what he was doing when he wrote this, what has become one of the best sad romantic movies.