When a movie brings deep emotions to the viewer, it is a truly successful film as shown by these 10 best sad movies 2010. The best sad movies of 2010 feature some great performances and wonderful storylines, bringing tears to even the hardest of hearts. From documentaries to fantastical stories, these movies are some of the best dramas of the year.

  1. “Black Swan”Darren Aronofsky directs this, one of the best sad movies of 2010. The movie follows a ballet dancer whose entire life is the dance. She has a demanding mother and a rival who wants her spot, later finding that she is slowly losing her mind.

  2. “Shutter Island” – Leonard DiCaprio stars in this, one of the best sad movies of 2010. He plays a U.S. Marshall sent to a prison island to discover what happened to a patient who escaped. DiCaprio plays a man who has visions of his wife and children who died years before.

  3. “Toy Story 3” – The final chapter in Pixar’s “Toy Story” trilogy remains one of the best sad movies of 2010. Andy has grown up and is deciding what he will do with his toys now that he is leaving for college. This is about what happens when it is time to finally say goodbye.

  4. “Waiting for Superman” – This documentary is about the decline of the United States school system and is one of the best sad movies of 2010. The final third of the movie shows a school that promises a better education but chooses its students lottery style.

  5. “Let Me In” – This American remake of “Let the Right One In” retains the doom of the original, one of the best sad movies of 2010. It follows a young boy who is the object of bullying at school. He meets a young girl who is a vampire, and they strike up an unusual friendship.

  6. “Winter’s Bone” – A girl has to find her father in order not to lose her family’s home in this, one of the best sad movies of 2010. The movie tracks the effects of meth addiction in this gripping drama of a daughter who must prove her father is dead to relieve her family of the bond that was left when he disappeared.

  7. “Rabbit Hole” – Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart star in this drama, one of the best sad movies of 2010. The two play a couple whose young son is killed when he got hit by a car. Eckhart immerses himself in the past while Kidman becomes attached to the young man driving the car that killed her son.

  8. “The Kids are All Right” – In this indie film, the children of a lesbian couple want to find out who their sperm donor is. The movie is one of the best sad movies of 2010 as they find out that what they imagined can never compare to the truth when they finally meet the man.

  9. “Chloe” – This movie hit festivals in 2009 but was released in theaters in 2010, making it one of the best sad movies of 2010. When Catherine hires a call girl to see if her husband would cheat on her, the girl becomes infatuated with the couple, and their relationship turns to tragedy.

  10. “The Tillman Story” – This documentary focuses on the death of former NFL football player Pat Tillman, who left the NFL to fight in the war in Iraq. One of the best sad movies of 2010, the movie examines the death of Tillman when he was shot down by friendly fire.