The 10 best romantic quotes from movies come in handy for sexy moments. Inscribe a love quote from a movie in a birthday card. Whisper it in her ear.

  1. "Here's looking at you, kid" is a romantic quote from the classic movie "Casablanca." Starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Berman, this well-loved and frequently used quote belongs in the ten best romantic movie quotes. This was spoken by Rick (Bogart) to Ilsa ( Bergman) in their final bittersweet scene together.

  2. "Love means never having to say you're sorry" is from "Love Story." "Love Story," adapted from Erich Segal's best selling novel, belongs in the ten best romantic movie quotes. Ali MacGraw and Ryan O’Neal star in this film. Jenny (MacGraw) explains the sentiment  to Oliver (O' Neal) after a fight. Oliver will repeat this to his estranged father who disinherited him and opposed his son's marriage to Jenny (who dies oh so prettily). His father belatedly apologizes. Boxes of tissues are required.

  3. "You had me at hello" is from the movie "Jerry Maguire" with Tom Cruise in the title role. Dorothy (played by Renee Zellweger) chokes out an emotional response to Jerry's remorseful monologue. Sorry. Zellweger hams it up, but the quote is memorable and belongs in the ten best romantic movies quotes. 

  4. "You complete me" And here is the yang to the yin. Same movie, "Jerry Maguire." Jerry (Cruise) stutters "You complete me" to Dorothy (Zellweger). Although the movie is some what forgettable, the quote is not and is one of  the ten best romantic movie quotes.

  5. "You should be kissed and often, and by someone who knows how.” Yes, and shouldn't we all? This romantic movie quote is one of the ten best. Clark Gable playing Rhett Butler in the classic movie "Gone with the Wind" puts Scarlett O'Hara (played by Vivien Leigh) in her place. She believes him, only when he no longer has any interest in her.

  6. "I would rather fight with you than make love to anyone else." Another memorable quote in the top ten romantic movie quotes. Delmot Mulroney says this to Debra Messing in the romantic comedy "The Wedding Date." Anything Delmot Mulroney puts his sexy mouth to should be bronzed. Anything.

  7.  "Life is not the amount of breaths you make, it's the moments that take your breath away." From the movie "Hitch," this quote belongs on the list as one of the ten best romantic quotes. Will Smith plays Hitch, a love-doctor helping clumsy nebbish Albert (played by comedic actor Keith James) get the girl. Honestly? The quotes that roll out of Hitch are corny. Indeed. Somehow, Smith almost pulls it off.  

  8. "Tell you what. The truth is . . . sometimes I miss you so much I can hardly stand it.” Jake Gyllenhaal plays wrangler-turned salesman Jack Twist desperately in love with Ennis del Mar (Heath Ledger ) in "Brokeback Mountain." Undeniably honest and heart-wrenching performances lend credence to this top ten romantic movie quote.

  9. "You-are my exception," Alex murmurs to Gigi in the movie "He's Just Not That Into You." The irony is Alex, self-described analyst in the battles of the sexes, has earlier told Gigi that she is not the exception, but the rule. The rule being she is the recipient of men who are just not into her.

  10. "Me Tarzan. You Jane." And there it is. Johnny Weismuller in the movie "Tarzan" breaks it down. At the end of the day, the caveman rules. And that's sexy as hell. Yes, this quote belong in the ten best romantic movie quotes. Now let's hear the Tarzan mating yell, complete with or without fig leaves.

- Kathy Price