The 10 Best Romantic Period Movies show a world full of historic relevance. The Romantic Period which began in the late 1700's and continues to the present, rejects realism and emphasizes strong emotions, (I.e. love or horror). A romantic character is a gifted, misunderstood loner, following his own path rather than the mores of society.

  1. "The Age of Innocence" This tale of a lawyer in 1870's New York, who is engaged to one woman but in love with another, was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay and is on the list as ten best Romantic Period movies,

  2. "As You Like It" This complicated tale of love in the forest certainly rejects realism in favor of emotion. And all of the characters both male and female are following their own paths both figuratively and literally.

  3. "Forever Amber" This piece set in 17th century England, about a woman who uses men to get what she wants was often compared to "Gone With the Wind". Although it didn't receive the same critical acclaim, it was a popular Romantic period movie. It was based on a racy bestseller written by Kathleen Windsor.

  4. "Pride and Prejudice" In rural England in the beginning of the 19th century five sisters are desperately looking for husbands. At a time when women are forbidden to work, the daughters of the Bennett family are informed by their father that they will inherit nothing. Their only hope of gentile survival is to find suitable mates. The Romantic Period movie won an Academy Award for Keira Knightley as Best Actress in a Leading Role .

  5. "The Importance of Being Ernest" is a based on a stage play written by Oscar Wilde in 1895. The plot centers around two men who pretend to be a fictional man named Ernest in order to win the attention and affection of their love interests. It earned Reece Witherspoon a teen choice Award for her portrayal of the character Cecily.

  6. "Sleepy Hollow" Not all romantic period movies have to be romantic. This horror film is set in 1799, when New York Detective, Icabod Crane, comes to Sleepy Hollow to solve a series of murders. Detective Crane finds that the murders have a supernatural origin in the form of the Headless Horseman who must find his skull before he can report to Hell.

  7. "Little Women" It is the mid-1860's in New England and a mother and her four daughters struggle to keep their household going while their father is of fighting in the Civil War. The peaceful setting and trivial problems of the March household stand in sharp contrast to the bloodletting of that vicious war. It is one of the ten best Romantic Period movies.

  8. "Rob Roy" Rob Roy was a real person who fought for Scottish freedom in the early 18th century. Although historians complained that the movie romanticized Roy into a far more saintly character than he really was, the movie did well at the box office. Its great scenery and realistic sword fights earn it a nomination as one of the ten best Romantic Period movies.

  9. "Sense and Sensibility" Jane Austen couldn't resist the theme of women left homeless and desperate after their husband and father leaves them no or little inheritance. This film follows the fortunes of the Dashwood women after Lord Dashwood dies and leaves his estate to his closest male heir. The film won an Academy Award nomination for best picture and certainly deserves to be on the list of ten best Romantic Period movies.

  10. "The Blue Lagoon" This is one of four films based on the book by the same name by Henry De Vere Stacpoole. It follows the romantic adventures of two children who grow up alone during the Victorian era on a tropical island leading an Adam and Eve existence. The film won a Young Artist Award nomination as the Best Major Motion Picture in the category of Family Entertainment. It is one of the ten best Romantic Period Movies.