Whether you are looking for a quick dose of romantic love or a scene to steam up your own love life, one of the scenes from this list of the ten best romantic movie scenes is sure to get the fire going.

  1. "The Notebook," (pouring rain scene). Allie and Noah are at the height of an argument. Just when you think they are going to reach the point of ending all connections, Noah goes in for a kiss with more passion then words can describe. This romantic movie scene is intense to say the least.

  2. "Dirty Dancing," (baby learns to dance scene). This is the moment that Baby becomes a woman. It’s also the moment she uttered the infamous line “nobody puts baby in a corner." This dance scene will spark your feet and make you want to move, in one way or another.

  3. "Ten Things I Hate About You," (bleachers scene). Pat fights for Kat, and seems fairly unsuccessful at first. When he serenades her on the bleachers at school, that’s when he wins her heart as well as the heart of every woman who is watching.

  4. "Titanic," (Rose jumps back on the ship scene). Many people argue that the scene in which Rose and Jack are on the ship's banister is the most romantic scene. The one in which Rose jumps back off of the lifeboat just to be with Jack, that’s the one that shows that people do crazy things for love.

  5. "A Walk to Remember," (star gazing scene). Landon works so hard to show Jamie he cares. When he tunes into her interests, that's what shows his true love. He gives her the perfect give while star gazing one night, making it one of the best romantic movie scenes.

  6. "Fireproof," (rekindle in the firehouse scene). Every marriage goes through hard times. Some even make it to the point of no return. Those who come back are usually stronger than ever, and those are the couples that are meant to be. This romantic move scene, when the couple makes up in the firehouse, is sure to bring tears to your eyes.

  7. "Sweet Home Alabama," (kissing in the rain scene). Melanie is trying to run from her past, including her husband Jake. She realizes her home is in Alabama, and that’s where she belongs. She returns to Jake, and they rekindle the love they always had.

  8. "Never Been Kissed," (baseball field scene). Josie, who was the nerdy girl in high school, finally finds love. In a very public manor, she decided to wait on a baseball field before a game so Sam can kiss her. Just when you think Sam won’t show up, he surprised everyone. This romantic movie scene will make you say ahhh.

  9. "Runaway Bride," (the real marriage scene). Maggie can’t get married. The idea of a wedding is too overwhelming for her. Finally Ike manages to calm her heart and he weds her in a small ceremony on a hill.

  10. "13 going on 30," (wedding scene). During the whole movie you are rooting for Jenna to realize she loves Matt, and get that second chance. At the final romantic scene, everyone’s wishes and dreams come true!