While any movie can have its romantic moments, chick flicks and classic movies are home to some of the best romantic movie lines so here are the ten best romantic movies lines that will win over any girl.

  1. Noah, played by Ryan Gosling, to Aliie, played by Rachel McAdams in the 2004 film "The Notebook." “So it’s not gonna be easy. It’s gonna be really hard. We’re gonna have to work at this every day, but I want to do that because I want you. I want all of you, forever, you and me, every day. Will you do something for me, please? Just picture your life for me? Thirty years from now, forty years from now? What’s it look like? If it’s with him, go. Go! I lost you once, I think I can do it again. If I thought that’s what you really wanted. But don’t you take the easy way out."

  2. Baby, played by Jennifer Gre, to Johnny, played by Patrick Swayze in the 1987 film "Dirty Dancing." “Me? I’m scared of everything. I’m scared of what I saw, I’m scared of what I did, of wh I am, and most of all I’m scared of walking out of this room and never feeling the rest of my whole life the way I feel when I’m with you.”

  3. Ethel, played by Katharine Hepburn,  to Norman, played by Henry Fonda in the 1981 film "On Golden Pond." “Listen to me, mister. You’re my knight in shining armor. Don’t forget it.”

  4. Seth, played by Nicholas Cage in the 1998 film "City Of Angels." “I would rather have had one breath of her hair, one kiss from her mouth, one touch of her hand, than eternity without it."

  5. Melvin, played by Jack Nicholson, to Carol, played by Helen Hunt in the 1997 film "As Good As It Gets." “You make me want to be a better man.”

  6. Rhet, played by Clark Gable, to Scarlett, played by Vivien Leigh in the 1939 film "Gone With the Wind." “You should be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how.”

  7. Anna, played by Julia Roberts to William, played by Hugh Grant in the 1999 film "Notting Hill." “Don’t forget I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.”

  8. Jack, played by Leonardo DiCaprio to Rose, played by Kate Winslet in the 1997 film "Titanic." “Winning that ticket, Rose, was the best thing that ever happened to me…it brought me to you…You must do me this honor, Rose. Promise me you’ll survive. That you won’t give up, no matter what happens, no matter how hopeless. Promise me now, Rose, and never let go of that promise."

  9. Alvy, played by Woody Allen to Annie, played by Diane Keaton in the 1977 film "Annie Hall." “Love is too weak a word for what I feel — I luuurve you, you know, I loave you, I luff you, two F’s, yes I have to invent, of course I do, don’t you think I do?”

  10. Sam, played by Tom Hanks in the 1993 film "Sleepless in Seattle." “It was a million tiny little things that, when you added them all up, they meant we were supposed to be together…and I knew it. I knew it the very first time I touched her. It was like coming home...only to no home I’d ever known…I was just taking her hand to help her out of a car and I knew. It was like…magic.”